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A Handful Of Dustin

Slide-guitar into the end of the Veto Ceremony. What I noticed this time more than when I watched the last episode was that there was a moment, during Dick's preamble, where it looked like Daniele was shitting a brick because she wasn't entirely sure he was going to go through with what he promised. But then he did, yawn. Afterward, Daniele seems to have a hard time meeting anyone's eye and strikes me as being actually conflicted about taking the Veto from Dick. Dustin DRs that he was sort of hoping he would be up against Daniele so that he could see Dick freak out after she got voted out: "I lost my daughter for the fifth time! Or was it sixth?" Heh. Because, seriously. Jen DRs that she'll be happy seeing either Dick or Dustin ousted this week. In the kitchen, Amber tells Dick that what he did for Daniele was "really nice," and he preens, while over at the table, Daniele sits with a thousand-yard stare. In the DR, she says that being in the house is "the opportunity of a lifetime," which, if it's actually true for her, makes me turn 1% of my hatred for her into grudging pity. Anyway, she is humbled by Dick's Veto sacrifice.

Jessica and Dustin regroup in the HoH room. She's still a little weepy, explaining to Dustin that it's hard to put people on the block. Dustin very confidently waves that off. The worst-case scenario, he says, is a 3-3 tie, which Jessica would break in Dustin's favour; he adds that if Daniele is smart, she'll vote to evict Dick. Unfortunately for Dustin, she is not. He DRs that he cut off Daniele's right leg by getting Nick evicted, and when Dick goes, he'll have cut off her left, and then "bitch got nothin'." Watching the episode the first time, I was so confident that he was right, and looking forward to seeing that happen almost as much as Dustin himself was. It was a simpler time. Back in the HoH room, Jessica and Dustin hug it out, Jessica thanking him for volunteering himself for nomination, which he's still very "whatever" about. Jessica then DRs that she thinks Dustin is shady, and that he's "high on [her] radar" right now. Which, if you picture a radar screen, would be like...shut up, Jessica. Maybe she couldn't think of a better analogy because she was already plotting how she was going to sell Dustin under the bus.

Then Eric does damage control over the failed silent treatment experiment. He blames it on some mysterious kind of sickness that made him sweat a lot, but Jessica buys it, and DRs that she now trusts Eric 100%. At least, until she catches him rubbing horseradish in her panties or whatever the hell stupid America tells him to do next.

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