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We join the Head of Household competition already in progress. We watch the houseguests hanging from their vine swings, and Memphis, Ollie, and Michelle do little Diary Room interviews talking about their own reasons for wanting to win. I'd go into specifics, but you can probably guess what they said. And even if you're wrong, your guess will be more interesting.

We also get some reactions to April's departure. Ollie's predictably bummed, Keesha's predictably the opposite of bummed (yeah, way to stack the jury house early on with your ex-allies in two weeks flat, genius) and Dan says that April's paltry offer of $5,000 doesn't compare favorably to the $500,000 he's there for. Looks like the big question right now is going to be how Ollie will survive without April. Both Keesha and Ollie are wondering that, in fact. Don't worry, he'll figure something out. Or, more accurately, Dan will.

Back at the HoH competition, it's starting to be less fun. Jerry is the first to drop, after 41 minutes. It takes a few minutes for him to even be able to stand up. And it's not like anyone is going to help him, because everyone else is still hanging on the swings except Renny, and you know she's not going to lend a hand. At some point, the houseguests have figured out that the wall they keep getting slammed against has water balloons hanging from it, so they start winging them at each other. Michelle gets inordinately pissed when Memphis aims one at Ollie and nearly blinds her instead. Some people are so touchy about their eyesight. During a series of particularly vicious wall-slams at the 1:05 mark, Keesha just plain falls, much to Memphis's disappointment. Michelle looks to be the one feeling the next hour the most, and finally gives out at 1:59 when her shoe gets caught on the wall and pulls her off her swing. That leaves Dan, Memphis, and Ollie sticking it out for the next hour. Finally, after another swing, Memphis falls at three hours, nineteen minutes. That leaves Ollie and Dan, each knowing he's likely to go home if he loses. So of course we know some dealing's about to be done.

With three and a half hours down, Ollie's feeling it every time it rains. He's wearing a tank top, while Dan had the foresight (or, conspiracy theorists might speculate, the producer-provided foreknowledge) to kit himself out with a hooded windbreaker. He tells Ollie that he's holding out for his girlfriend Monica, and Ollie says he wants to see his "peeps" too. Dan swears on everything he can think of that he won't put Ollie up. When Ollie doesn't bite, Dan offers to sweeten the deal, but the only person Ollie wants protected is himself. In the DR, Dan explains how he finally comes up with a way to win HoH and still seem weak: he can put all of the HoH control in Ollie's hands, and the resulting blood as well. So Dan gives away the store to Ollie: Ollie won't be nominated, he can pick one of Dan's nominees, protect two people, and pick Dan's replacement nominee if the Power of Veto is used. Ollie smirks in the DR about the great deal he's been offered. And up on the swings, Ollie tells Dan he wants to protect Michelle as his second person. Keesha DRs that she knows a deal was made up there; she just doesn't know what it was. After Ollie drops, he smugly DRs that as far as control of the house goes, he is the de facto HoH for this week. Michelle and Jerry help Dan down from the swing as he happily DRs about having made "one of the worst deals in Big Brother history." Hard to argue with him about that, except the "happily" part.

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