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I've decided to quit bitching about the way this season is dragging. Sure, we're at the end of July and there are still eleven houseguests, but I'll let it go as long as Big Brother takes this suggestion to heart: there is absolutely nothing wrong with the show right now that a octuple eviction wouldn't cure.

Oh, and also, quit playing those little clips of Ronnie in between the previouslies and the credits. Why is it always Ronnie?

As you may recall, Jessie nominated Michele and Jordan as "pawns," and they both have been given to understand that the plan is to ultimately backdoor Ronnie, even though Jessie tells us in the Diary Room tells us that he has no such plan.

Of course, it falls to Jeff to buck Jordan up after the nominations, saying it'll be more likely to be Ronnie, and failing that, Michele. But then he tells the same thing to Michele, only without the second part. When Michele returns to the Have-not bedcube she's sharing with fellow brains Ronnie and Chima this week, Ronnie makes an appeal to her to pick him as a Power of Veto player should she win Houseguest's Choice in the drawing. She literally laughs in his face, and then when she's done with that, she goes out to the rest of the houseguests and laughs in their faces.

Ronnie then goes up to the HoH bedroom for his audience with Jessie and Natalie, who as usual are holding court in the bed. Jessie assures him that they're still good, and that Ronnie won't be put up as a replacement nominee.

Now Jessie has to start working through the people who wanted Ronnie out, one by one, in the HoH room. "Why do you want Ronnie gone and how is it going to benefit you?" is how he's framing it to everyone. Chima's willing to go along with sending Casey packing instead, with Michele as the backup. Kevin admits that Ronnie probably won't come after him. So does Lydia. In the DR, Jessie takes credit for the two evictions to date, and also for that of Casey in advance. Don't count your bananas before they're peeled, Jessie. That'll make sense in a couple of pages.

A bunch of bored houseguests are playing truth or dare, and Kevin gets dared to cuddle for ten seconds with Jessie. These people are just bored enough to all traipse up there and watch as Kevin tries to ease on top of a snoring Jessie. Jessie isn't happy when he wakes up. Ronnie gets dared to attempt a twenty-second hug with Casey. Ronnie pulls it off, using an apology as cover. Casey is not amused, and now he suspects that people might not be as anti-Ronnie as they were a few days ago. Later, Casey is trying to act cool about it, but he sucks at it, because he doesn't know when to let it go, and it's starting to piss people off. Bad move, Casey.

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