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We're on a delayed start because of some sporty thing that I couldn't care less about, but at least it's only 8 minutes (well, closer to 12 by the time we get any actual new footage). Instead of jumping right into the HOH competition, we flashback to Thursday night's episode, where we see Candice trying to give her speech and GinaMarie rudely interrupting her. Thanks to the different camera angles, we see a lot more of the house guests all laughing at this exchange. I seriously would love some picture-in-picture during live evictions to be able to see all of the reactions.

Once Julie summons McCrae to the diary room, we fade into color and see Candice complaining that GinaMarie ruining her speech. She's not being very gracious, and it doesn't take much to get GinaMarie going. While I complained that GM went way too far and was a despicable person, it does seem like Candice got in some striking blows as well. Her argument here is more of the same "you are too old to live with your parents" nonsense that we heard on Thursday peppered with some annoying comments about GM's colored contacts and her so-called pageant titles. The other house guests just keep getting up to vote and generally try to avoid making eye contact, while these two go at it.

Candice claims that it is her right to be loudmouth and since GinaMarie called her defamatory things first, so she jabs that GM's crown in her HOH room is for "Miss Used-To-Be-Fat-America," so that's just delightful. Have they addressed GinaMarie's former weight issues on the actual show before? Or was that just on the feeds? GM counters with the fact that maybe Candice doesn't shower frequently enough, which would seem like an actual valid complaint about someone you are living with. Then adds, "You know what Candice? No one likes you, no one wants you… even your own mother."

There's an audible gasp from the other couch dwellers, and me here on my own couch. Even Aaryn thinks that this is a low blow that's gone to far, though she's mostly worried about her own game. If Aaryn thinks you've taken it to a rotten level, you've really crossed some invisible boundary. Helen in particular seems shocked by this comment and she DR's about how Candice's adoption is something that's very difficult, and the crack made her question GinaMarie as a person. None of the rest of racial comments she's said this season changed it before this?

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