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by Angel Cohn May 3, 2010
The Jim Parsons Interview

We like to think that we love all of the delightfully geeky brainiacs on The Big Bang Theory equally, but when the chance to talk to Jim Parsons came about, we got a bit giddy. Parsons is the Emmy-nominated actor who charmingly brings the neurotically nerdy Sheldon to life every week. We thought we'd get to chat about his chances of getting nominated again this year, find out what he thinks of the Sheldon/Penny shippers and maybe even get some dish on the last few episodes of the season - all of which we eventually did. But first the conversation took a bizarre turn after some bicoastal confusion and a shared suffering of motion sickness. Note: You probably will want to change your seat if you are flying with either of us.

TWoP: Thanks for chatting with me today. I really am quite a fan of your show.
Jim Parsons: I've met you in person before. Right? Or is that not true?

TWoP: No. I don't get out to California frequently and I don't really like to fly much.
Parsons: Well, that's okay. I don't think the jet-setting life is really for most people.

TWoP: Yes, I get motion sickness, and I read that you do as well.
Parsons: Oh, awful. It's horrible! I'm normally pretty good on a plane. What's tricky about the plane, for me, is really the runway part, because it's impossible -- actually, I'm getting a little sick thinking about it right now -- but you know what I mean? Even if you're looking out the window, it's really confusing. And then turbulence makes me ill. The good thing is -- I should knock on wood -- I don't get scared during turbulence, like, I don't have those weird thoughts. I've never puked during turbulence, though.

TWoP: Consider yourself very lucky.
Parsons: Isn't that the worst feeling, though? There's nothing like it. And I feel like I'm on the verge of being able to control it, but then I can't. I'm like, "I feel like I can almost stop this from happening within me!" because it's such a weird sensation, like nothing else. But then I can't! It's out of control. Then you can take Dramamine, but then you don't wake up. You just sleep through whatever it is. I want to enjoy the part that I'm not sick through, not just be dead through it.

TWoP: I usually sleep... Anyway, on a more pleasant note, congratulations on how the show's doing. And Emmy time is getting near -- are you getting nervous/excited about whether you're going to get nominated again?

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