More Bang For the Buck With Chuck

by Angel Cohn September 18, 2008
The Chuck Lorre Interview

TWoP: Yeah. At least. I heard it went down this morning a little.

CL: I'll tell you right now it is pretty good. $3.99.

TWoP: Wow. Under $4. That's such a deal.

CL: I'm impressed.

TWoP: Every couple years somebody writes another article saying sitcoms are dying, comedies are dying... Do you think there is any truth to that? Or do you think they're just sort of looking for an angle?

CL: I don't know. It seems to have been a good story for people to write about. But it's always amazes me that they don't take us into consideration. We're doing great. I think we know what we're doing. We try and makes ourselves laugh and hope that the people who watch the show agree with us that what we are doing is funny. You know you can't presume to know what millions of people might like. You can only trust your own instincts and hope other people agree with you. And if they do you get to keep making TV shows.

TWoP: Right. Are you crazy enough...

CL: (he continues) They don't....

TWoP: Oh sorry.

CL: Am I crazy enough? Yes. What was the question?

TWoP: I was going to say are you crazy enough to be working on any other shows or pilots or projects?

CL: I actually was working on a third idea earlier, then the full depth of my insanity dawned on me and I put it aside.

TWoP: Someone talked you down from that ledge?

CL: Several people.

TWoP: Okay. So you're running these two shows with new seasons coming up. Any final thoughts?

CL: Very exciting. On September 22nd both shows hit the ground running. You know we have three shows of Two and a Half Men shot and two episodes of the Big Bang shot. And I couldn't be happier. It just feels like all systems are operating beautifully. And the shows are funnier than ever.

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