More Bang For the Buck With Chuck

by Angel Cohn September 18, 2008
The Chuck Lorre Interview

TWoP: Right. Well hopefully, that doesn't happen again anytime soon.

CL: Yeah. But you know... You get at something like this to see people whose work is really exciting. Matthew Weiner, the guy who created Mad Men. And you get to see, I'm looking forward, hopefully, to meet the guys who created The Wire. So I felt kind of as a fan too you get to see some pretty remarkable people and you get to advertise a tuxedo. Once a year that's all we ask, right?

TWoP: So you think you have a shot this year? For best comedy?

CL: Nah... Not really. Not really but you know, I'm actually very happy to be able to go and I am very happy to be included in it. But if you glean what you read, no we're not really in contention.

TWoP: You never know. Stranger things have happened. It is the Emmys.

CL: Uh... okay. [Laughs] If you say so.

TWoP: Well you know you do kind of have a highly-rated comedy. That should count for something, right? At the end of the day the fans love you.

CL: Yeah, Yeah. You know, look. The fact that we get to keep making the show is what is of paramount importance to me. It's a terrific ensemble. A heartbreak is when you make a TV show and you love what you're doing and you love the people you're working with and then it gets taken away. So what's most important is that we are getting to keep making our show.

TWoP: Who needs that little piece of metal?

CL: Yeah well, that would be nice. But you know it truly is, it's secondary to that. We get to keep making the show and I've lost sight of that in the past believe me so, I'm trying to stay in gratitude for all the good things. I'm not overly concerned about the things that we don't have.

TWoP: Are you getting mellow?

CL: I'm trying. Yeah, cause the alternative is to keel over and die while creating a sitcom and how tragic would that be? Died making a sitcom? What a dope.

TWoP: Now you are putting a little stress on yourself though doing two shows at once...

CL: Gee, you think? [Laughs]

TWoP: What were you thinking?

CL: Yeah it's kind of a little much but you know I just try to figure it as we go.

TWoP: Do you feel like you have two kids vying for you attention all the time? How do you deal with that?

CL: You just kind of go where they point you and you surround yourself with really smart people I think is the key to doing this. There are two amazing writing staffs for both shows. Both shows have in my mind perfect ensembles. Talented actors. Keep in mind nobody does this sort of thing alone. If you think you're doing it alone you're a fool and you will fail. So I lean heavily on people I love and trust and have been working with for a long time. I've know Bill for 12 years. We go back to Dharma and Greg. Lee [Aronsohn] and I on Two and a Half Men have been working together since he first came and worked on Grace Under Fire '93 or '94. Anyway I'm running out of gas. I'm going to pull into a gas station. And put a hundred dollars in my gas tank.

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