More Bang For the Buck With Chuck

by Angel Cohn September 18, 2008
The Chuck Lorre Interview

TWoP: They can make luminescent fish. They're amazing.

CL: Yes, if they make luminescent fish they're not slackers.

TWoP: They don't work at your local video store.

CL: No, they don't. You get what I'm saying exactly. We look at every line of dialogue in every story to determine if, "Are we being true to these guys?" Because they're not us so we have to see the world through their eyes.

TWoP: Any good guest stars coming up this season we should be looking out for?

CL: Well Sara Gilbert is going to be on the show.

TWoP: I'm very excited that there is a brainy girl too.

CL: And she's terrific. And again it's just another one of those little miracles that we got Sara Gilbert to be part of our ensemble. And we are talking with some other remarkable actors to come on the show. I can't really name names yet cause we're not there yet. I don't want to create any awkward moments for the people we actually haven't signed a deal with. But I hope we can get Laurie Metcalf to come back.

TWoP: I would love it if she came back. She was so perfect as Sheldon's mom.

CL: That episode just killed. I loved every minute of that. That was one of my favorites last year.

TWoP: So how did you get this great theme song cause it sticks in your head and there's not a lot of great theme songs on TV right now?

CL: I had the odd idea that you could try and do a twenty second wrap-up of everything that's happened since the birth of the universe 'til now. And I pitched it to Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies and a couple of weeks later he emailed us a guitar vocal demo of that song and it was incredible. I couldn't believe it. I mean we at one point were saying lets just put the demo on and he goes, "No, no no." I want to put the whole band on and do a whole big production number of this thing and I fell in love with the demo."

TWoP: Well, you being a guitar guy...

CL: We really at some point have to play just the bare bones demo of just him and the guitar, an acoustic guitar. It's terrific. And then the big production number is a whole other animal and now it's the only thing I can imagine being at the top of the show. They just nailed it. All we had to do at that point was just work with them and try and figure out how to edit it so that it could be short enough to air in that tiny window of time at the top of the show. Have you heard... have you seen the whole song? Have you heard the whole song with the pencil line drawing that the guy in England did?

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