More Bang For the Buck With Chuck

by Angel Cohn September 18, 2008
The Chuck Lorre Interview

TWoP: Oh...Howard.

CL: Poor Howard is completely deluded.

TWoP: I know some Howards.

CL: You know some Howards who think they got it going on but they don't?

TWoP: Uh huh.

CL: And he's just joyfully oblivious.

TWoP: And sweet little Raj, too.

CL: And Raj is so neurotic he can't speak to women, which is an extreme aspect of every man. For every man that ever walked the Earth, except maybe the sociopaths, when it comes to talking to pretty girls... it's just stark terror. We've taken it to an extreme and you know. We made it pathological for Raj.

TWoP: It worked. I keep telling people to just watch it and they're like "Oh I'm not really into all that nerdy sci-fi stuff that you like, Angel. And I'm like, "No, just trust me, just watch it."

CL: I think a large part of that is this cast of actors. They're remarkable. It's just a remarkable cast and we were repeatedly hit by lightning when we put this cast together. Every part of the puzzle came together perfectly. And it took place over several years too. So it's even more remarkable that it happened at all.

TWoP: The wonderful ways of TV.

CL: Yeah, I mean it really sometimes is a series of happy accidents.

TWoP: So did the writer's strike slow down the momentum at all? Were you concerned about keeping up?

CL: It absolutely hurt us. The show was building momentum. It was on eight weeks before the strike started. I think we aired eight episodes and each episode kind of was going up just a little bit in the ratings so it was building. Slowly, but it was building, and it was really exciting because you could see it. A tenth of a ratings point each week going up, that's like one hundred thousand people. A lot of people are coming to the show and that was happening every week last fall and then the strike happened... and it all stopped and it was horrible. There was crying. I mean... there was crying. We had this beautiful little child that got taken away and there was nothing to do about it but hope for the best. And when we came back on the air... three of four months later we had some rebuilding to do. And they moved our timeslot too. Which was a terrific help to us. [He says sarcastically.]

TWoP: That Monday comedy block, you're doing pretty well there. Both your shows. You're slowly taking over the night.

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