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Way Hay, And Up She Rises...

Previously: Starbuck was respected, protected, suspected, rejected, dejected, and ejected.

We open on Boomer telling the Galactica that Hotdog is aboard her ship. Crashdown adds, "So's his lunch." Heh. Boomer continues, "No sign of Starbuck, he says she was hit. Still in the fight when he lost track of her." Over a pretty shot of Hotdog's abandoned Viper drifting in space, Dualla tells Boomer that rescue ops are underway for Starbuck. I wonder if they're going to retrieve Hotdog's ship for parts.

Flight deck. Adama listens as Boomer explains where she found Hotdog. Since Hotdog says that Starbuck was still maneuvering when he lost sight of her, Boomer figures Starbuck could still be alive. Adama corrects her: "She is alive, Lieutenant. We're gonna find her." He tells Crashdown to take Hotdog to sickbay, and leaves. Apollo, who's been perching nearby silently, takes off his flight wings and pins them on Hotdog. Well, not directly on Hotdog, because that would be mean; they're pinned onto his clothes. Apollo tells Hotdog, "I think you earned those today." Hotdog continues to look vaguely ill.

Apollo strides off as a crewmen tells him that his ship's doohickey is whatzised, but that it's still flyable. Apollo orders, "Polish up the canopy, I want it crystal clear." Jeez, control freak. Oh, for the search. Right. Apollo climbs into his Viper and fastens a shiny metal collar around his neck. Wow, control freak! Oh, to seal his suit. Adama hands Apollo his helmet and says, "Find her." Apollo says that he will.

Starbuck is lying, unconscious, on the surface of the moon. Suddenly, she's dragged a few feet along the ground. And then again. She wakes up, and we see that her parachute is dragging her along in the strong winds. I like this bit. Starbuck's pulled rapidly over the ground, tumbling over ditches and crashing into rocks as she tries to untangle her feet from the lines. She finally pulls out a small knife and cuts through the lines. The parachute blows away. Starbuck coughs and moans, tries to stand, and then rolls over, wincing and holding her right knee. She finally sits up and looks around at the dusty nothingness.

Credits. This episode had some highly questionable parts, but for me the main problem was that we didn't get enough sense of time passing. I know they kept hitting us with shots of the countdown clock, but I don't see the exhaustion and desperation increasing among all the characters as they spend two days in frantic action. A lot of Starbuck's scenes, in particular, might seem slightly less ridiculous if we saw her getting increasingly hungry and tired as her time runs out. At least then it might feel like she's earned her rather extraordinary good luck. As long as I'm rewriting, I think that they were probably too determined to make Starbuck's crash the dividing point between episodes. Yes, it's the most dramatic place to do it, but last week felt a little padded, and this one could have benefitted from more time.

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