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Lovers Walk (When They Should Run)

Previously: Olympic Carrier lost a game of chicken, and Helo played blind man's bluff.

Water drips into a pool at someone's feet. The camera gradually moves up to reveal Boomer, soaking wet, sitting in a maintenance room. She's wearing some kind of coverall, and seems frozen. Then she blinks and starts to look around. She jumps up and realizes that she's drenched. There's a duffel bag on the floor nearby, so she opens it and finds a towel. Well, at least her subconscious Cylon programming is thoughtful. Under the towel is her uniform. After a minute, she starts pulling off the coverall to change clothes. Then she recoils, because under the uniform is a big hunk of plastique with a detonator attached. Boomer looks around with a rather pained expression, and gingerly picks up the bomb and removes the detonator.

Flight deck. Boomer, now in uniform, carries her duffel bag across the deck. Cally hurries over to salute Boomer, and Boomer shouts, "Good evening! I'm not carrying a bomb!" Cally blinks and gently points out, "It's morning, Sir." She does not add, "Guess you and Tyrol had quite a night." A surprised Boomer asks what time it is, and Cally says that it's 5:45.

Boomer nervously opens a door labeled "Small arms -- authorized personal only." Once inside, she opens a locked cabinet that contains a lot of smaller cabinet cases. One, labeled "G4 Detonators," has clearly been opened, so she pulls it down and takes the detonator out of her bag. Then she opens the case and jumps again, because there are seven empty slots where detonators should be. Boomer moans, "Where are the rest of them?"

"We're right here!" the other detonators beep cheerfully from inside Galactica's water tanks.

Credits. Let us travel back in time about two and a half years, when Ron Moore answered some questions about the proposed remake on a fansite for the original show. Warren Ellis put some of those questions in one of his "Bad Signal" emails, and that piqued my interest in the miniseries. Because the questions were things like: "What right do you have to destroy something we all love?" Generally speaking, I'm for anything that elicits that kind of dementia.

Speaking of dementia, Tigh is angrily digging through his locker as an announcement over the PA tells us that Colonial One is arriving in thirty minutes. Tigh grumbles, "Where the hell is that damned, son of a bitch sash?" Hee. He eventually finds the sash on a low shelf, and then stands up and finds himself eye-level with his bottle of booze. The bottle says, "Hello, Tigh. Wouldn't you like a glass of me?" Tigh chews on his upper lip and stares at the bottle. Then we jump to Tigh carefully measuring the contents of the bottle with his fingers.

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