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Previously on Battlestar Galactica, it sucked for everyone. Okay, this episode has an "L" for coarse language, which is kind of questionable, but at least they've got Starbuck saying "bitch" in the previously. And there's a "V" for violence, which seems valid. But this episode got an "S" for sexual content. Why? Can we write letters to the FCC complaining that we were promised sexual content and didn't get any?

Billy's grooving down a corridor when he runs into Dualla. They exchange awkward greetings, and note that they haven't seen each other in two weeks. Billy says that he's been thinking about Dualla, and her response is, "That's nice." Hee. She starts to leave, but Billy goes after her and says, "It must seem like I really haven't made an effort to make this, whatever this is, a priority, but --" Dualla interrupts, "But you were too busy helping the President spark a mutiny on my ship. Or, but you wanted to wait until you were desperate and needed a shoulder to cry on before making your move." Harsh! I like her. Billy thinks that was uncalled for, and he's not wrong. Dualla agrees, and smoothes Billy's jacket, aw. And then she leaves.

Sickbay. Tigh is still staring down at Adama, presumably waiting for Cottle to arrive. Then the power flickers and goes out. The medics pull scurry to check Adama's life support as Tigh hurries out.

The power goes out in CIC as well, and Gaeta calls for emergency power.

On the hangar deck, the Viper squadron is returning from their mission. I can tell, because the captions actually tell me all of that. I think the captions are getting a little too comprehensive. The pilots "Woo!" and trade high-fives, as is their way. The fact that they have to do so by flashlight doesn't seem to bother them.

Tigh uses a phone to check in with CIC. Gaeta explains that the Cylon virus "spawned copies of itself in some other computer systems." He says that main and auxiliary power has been knocked out. On cue, the emergency power comes on. I guess someone kicked the generator.

Hanger Deck. Flyboy tries to get Apollo to join in the hooray-fest. Apollo's not in the mood, and grouses, "We screwed up. We let one through." Well, technically, that was just you, Apollo. Someone finally wonders why the lights are out.

CIC. Gaeta tells Tigh that they don't know if they can reach the rest of the Galactica. Then there's a clang, and the lights flicker again. Tigh asks what's going on, and Gaeta says, "I'm not sure, but the music just got tense, so it's probably bad news."

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