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The Girl With Her Hand In A Lion's Mouth
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Previously: Sharon was called to service in the Colonial Fleet; Tigh spoke at length of his "purpose," to hold the line until Adama returned to New Caprica, and then killed Ellen; Adama saved everybody; Kacey's mommy took off with her; and the Cylons took off with Gaius, and were characteristically upfront about his conditional survival.

Gaius meets Chip Six on a beautiful beach; she's wearing a red bikini and there's a strange dreamy bright sun all over the place. Remember how weird it was when the Pegasus showed up? The music was all crazy and the camera acted like it was on drugs? That's Gaius's life, through this entire episode. It's really disorienting and dreamlike and creepy/amazing. Even the Six fugues have an extra weirdness and a sideways light, like at dusk. "Good to see you," says Gaius, and intimates that Chip Six is somehow connected to the Sixness: "I far prefer these picturesque settings for little our interludes, don't you? I thought you had abandoned me to your Cylon comrades." She grins archly and shifts on her chaise-lounge. "Would I do that?" (Heh: Ambiguous and terrifying? Me?) He's all, "You're nuts, remember?" He says she's always been more "unpredictable" than her flesh and blood counterparts, and I don't know if he means as an hallucination or as a lady or what, because of her response: "A man that loves women as much as you should have learned that a long time ago." He admits he's a slow learner, which in turn earns him a slow clap. "Then take this period as a time to learn all you can about the Cylons," she says in her "fucking pay attention" voice. "You'll need it in the days ahead." He asks if she's got something in particular on the horizon, and she shakes her head. "Cylon psychology is based on projection." Bwuh? "It's how they choose to see the world around them. The only difference is, you choose to see me." (I can't unpack this concept quite yet. I think I might be getting clinical psych bleedthrough where you assume people are talking about the thing you know, like how the psychiatrists and therapists always write us hate mail when we misuse the term "psychodrama," so I'm going to keep quiet. But I think I really like this, because it makes them weirder, and harder to understand, and more like Americans. Or maybe Six is just a Sagittarius, which would explain a hell of a lot. You know Gaius for sure is.) "What are you really?" he asks, and she turns away. "You're either connected to the woman I knew in Caprica, or you're just a damaged part of my subconscious struggling for self-expression. So which one is it?" Option C: "I'm an angel of God sent here to help you. Just as I always have been." Frankly, I'm about to take option C and say frack it, but you know. No polar bears just yet.

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