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Secrets And Tighs

Previously: Six (correctly) distrusted Boomer, Tigh burned a photo of his wife, and Leoben planted some doubt.

CIC. Shiny monitors descend from the ceiling. I'd never noticed this before, but it looks kind of like someone turned the Tardis controls upside down and glued them to the ceiling. The Prez strolls around the upper catwalk that I also hadn't ever noticed before. Did they revamp the set since the last episode? She stares down at Adama. Gaeta hands Adama a report from Baltar, and tells him that the Prez is waiting "up in the core." I guess they call it "the core" because of the way it goes around the outer edge of the room. Adama turns to look up at the Prez, who gives him a friendly "I absolutely don't think you might be a Cylon!" wave. Adama salutes her with his file folder and heads up to chat with her.

Upstairs, Adama shoos the extras away before telling the Prez, "We are the proud owners of the universe's first bona fide Cylon detector." The Prez says that's great, and Adama grunts, "Yeah," without much enthusiasm. He tells her about the down side: "He can only do one person at a time, and verification takes hours." Mugga says, "Wouldn't it be great if Baltar's Cylon detector turned out to be dinner for two followed by some energetic sack-time? And -- given that this would mean the 'detector' was, in essence, his willy -- I'd have been similarly enchanted by the scene in which he ceremoniously unveiled it to Prez." The Prez asks who'll go first. Adama looks at her blankly, and then says, "Oh, the tests, right." He suggests that people in sensitive positions should be tested first. The Prez supports that idea, and proposes that Adama should start things off. Adama blinks, and the Prez explains, "If you're a Cylon, I'd like to know." Adama chuckles, "If I'm a Cylon, you're really screwed." Heh. The Prez giggles appreciatively, and then says she thinks it would help to build trust if everyone knew that the leaders of the fleet were tested first. Adama says that, in that case, maybe the Prez should go first. The Prez stares at him and forces a smile, and then Adama agrees to to get tested. I'll just mention right here that I think comedic episodes are really hard to recap because you're either saying "That joke wasn't funny," or you're repeating the show's joke and giggling. This week I will be doing a bit of both. So there.

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