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Previously: Baltar learned that sex with robots was more common than people think; the Cylons attacked; Helo gave his seat to Baltar.

We begin with a shot of Baltar's closed eyes. A clock ticks. Any second now, Morley Safer will introduce himself.

The ticking gets echoey and distant as we see Baltar standing in his domicylon. For Season 2, I'm gonna try to come up with a better name for Baltar's imaginary house, but you're kind of stuck with it for the first season. Sorry. Wow, his hair's so much shorter. Were we ever so young?

Vipers are launched from the Galactica. Apollo does a Spockish eyebrow-raise and announces, "One minute to mark." In her own ship, Starbuck does a full-body shiver. Around them, the fleet begins to jump FTL.

Baltar stares out the window of the domicylon.

CIC. Adama stares up at the clock, which shows forty-four seconds left. Until...something. Tigh strolls past and thwaps a crewman on the arm, waking him. Dualla looks about ready to drop.

The camera pans away from Baltar over to Six, who's sitting on the couch. She says, "God has a plan for you, Gaius. He has a plan for everything and everyone." She asks if he's listening.

Colonial One. We see a clock with a paper tag identifying the thirty-three-minute mark. The Prez is going over papers with her staff. Baltar shifts in his seat, trying to sleep.

Six stands up and wheedles, "You have to believe in something." Baltar says that he believes in a rational universe. Six nibbles his ear and says, "I love you. That's not rational." Baltar chuckles and replies, "No, but you're not rational. You're also not really here. Neither am I."

On the Colonial One, there's an announcement over the PA that their thirty-three minutes are almost up. Baltar opens his eyes and peers around as the passengers are instructed to prepare for the FTL jump. The Prez tells Billy that they're "cutting it a little close this time." Billy explains that the FTL drive had to be rebooted.

Flight deck. Cally eyes another clock and asks, "Why do the Cylons come every thirty-three minutes? Why isn't it thirty-four, thirty-five?" Tyrol tells her to shut up. Heh.

CIC. Gaeta says that there're fifteen seconds left. Dualla reports: "Jump 237 underway. Fifty-three ships have jumped. Ten still reporting trouble with their FTL drives, including Colonial One. Adama tells a scruffy Tigh that they're getting slower. They stare up at the clock as Tigh mutters, "Maybe this time..."

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