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The Helo Suit

In Helo's office in Dogville, there's a line out to here; some guy is yelling at the Suit about how the rest of the refugees want the Sagittarons outta there. Helo asks where the hell he's supposed to send them, and the man doesn't have an answer, because by questioning Helo Suit, he's already proven he's an idiot who doesn't get it. Mrs. King comes in next, and Helo tries to put a lid on his pissiness (this is Penikett's second-best scene), asking her what she needs. "My son is dead," she says. I don't think he remembers her from the teaser, but he definitely recognizes the "soma braid" in her hands, which -- get this shit right here -- is believed to bring good health. Soma. Health. Whatever. "Look, I'm sorry. It's not enough. If you don't treat the disease, it's fatal, okay? This didn't have to happen!" Mrs. King randomly suggests that her son was killed, and Helo Suit gets smug, but just for a tiny second: "No, ma'am, he died. Okay? He died because he needed real medicine." She randomly suggests that he died because she made a mistake. And I don't think she's talking like this for any goddamn reason other than to prolong the mystery and make it seem like Helo's figuring something out so you go "ohhhh" in a second, because the only thing I'd figure out from some old lady talking to me like this is that sometimes, talking to old ladies is uncomfortable, because sometimes they are unnecessarily vague for narrative purposes, and it makes them both irritating and poorly written. Helo's like, "Awesome! Yes! It's your fault that your son died! Great! You get it! Go tell the other Sagittarons that if they die, it's their own fault too!" She shakes her head like she's frustrated that he didn't decipher her nonsense: "I will. I will tell them not to trust him. They warned me about him, but I wouldn't listen. I didn't want my son to die. I took a chance. I went to Dr. Robert. I let the doctor give the medicine to Willie." Whatever, whatever, whatever. Helo says she waited too long, but she protests that he'd only been sick for 12 hours. "He was 19. He is dead. That doctor killed my son." She leaves, crying, and the Helo Suit stares after her, and makes another mark next to Robert's name.

"We lost another one last night," Robert says, and Helo nods: Willie King. "No, a three-year-old girl whose parents refused to let me treat her. Willie King's mother lost Willie King. It's a shame, he was a goner. You saw him when he was in here. He was at least three days symptomatic." Helo wonders if he explained it, and Robert gets the one witty line of the entire episode: "What the hell am I supposed to say to her? Sorry, ma'am, but if you would've just turned the corner a little sooner on your superstitious crap, we could've saved your son." He then instructs Helo to strip off, proving he's not all bad, and Helo -- as though people aren't constantly asking him to take his shirt off -- goes, "Excuse me?" Like he's going to have to add "tried to make out with me" to his list. But wait, Dr. Robert is a doctor and he's holding a needle and they are in a makeshift medical facility, during an epidemic, so just maybe he's going to give you a shot. Which is in fact what happens, even though they're rationing, because of everybody in the entire Fleet who needs to get vaccinated against this thing, DUH, it's Helo, and Robert actually has to explain to him how that works. As he gives Helo the shot, Robert mentions by the way that he told Tigh about how great Helo is. Which would be nicer to hear if we knew about the whole "give Helo the crappy duties" part of this story, but we don't.

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