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The Helo Suit

What we'll never know is this: because of Helo's near-psychotic inability to fucking grow up and serve the Fleet, as is his mandate, he's being given shit jobs in the hope that he will give in and stop acting like such a fucking pansy, or I guess quit altogether and Helo's like, "You have only lightly brushed the petals of my pansiness with the tips of your military fingers, such is my ability and needless motivation to protest you." And the mysterious reason for all of this is that there's no moral center to this story, because we're in spec script fakeout land, and I guess Ronald Moore sometimes just doesn't care. So this week -- and I guess quote "previously" -- Helo's in charge of dealing with the unhoused from the Second Exodus, and we didn't know that because last time we were in the tents, which was Kacey time, Dualla was in charge here. And it's called Dogville in this episode, previously but not really. Frankly, I prefer the other name, whatever it was. So the Thera Sita docks up tight, and included in those refugees are 51 Sagittarons, which makes Tigh go "Oh, boy..." and even Adama worries about how Helo's going to deal with this, because Sagittarons are hated for some reason.

Here's what I know about Sagittarons: Zarek was in jail for terrorism on their behalf when we first met him, and Dualla is one. My understanding from that previous episode was that they were like Ireland: exploited by the other 11 Colonies for cash and labor, and therefore looked down upon, in a feedback loop of oppression. Zarek went from a martyr to their official representative in the Quorum, I think, and now he's the Veep. And while it would have been interesting to follow that storyline, which I don't think I imagined, we've decided to go a different route here, because what worked on -- gosh, every other goddamned sci-fi show I can remember -- should totally work here, right? This isn't a show about the ethics of politics in the microcosm of violently reduced population, is it? It's just another shitty sci-fi show? Oh, okay then: we'll do that same shitty story about the people who don't believe in medicine and how sometimes you have to let people make their own decisions about things. Sounds great! I loved that plot on every Star Trek show, twice on Sundays, and I loved it on Babylon 5, where it was actually good, too! Can we put some spin on that or make it interesting or unexpected in any way? Not without making no goddamn sense at all. Oh, great! I love basic plot holes that have no reason for existing!

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