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The Helo Suit

He points at Dee, who is not a Viper pilot at all, but let's back up. I said it before, but just in case, I'm pretty sure this is what he just said: "Fuck Sagittarons! They don't use medicine because they're stupid! So we won't waste medicine on them! The medicine that they refuse to take! Because see above re: they don't believe in medicine! Which on them would be wasted! So I must become a serial killer and murder them instead of not giving them the medicine they so urgently do not want!"

Am I wrong here? Is he not actually saying that? Cottle's back to phoning it in: "What the hell happened to 'do no harm,' Doctor," he asks, and Robert yells about how "someone has to make the tough choices here," which would be the writer of the episode telling you desperately that this all Makes Sense Don't It, but it doesn't, because this episode wasn't about the "tough choices" unless the "choices" include the "choice" to air this piece of crap, which is not a "tough" choice so much as a "shitty" one. "But it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, because look at them! They're gonna destroy themselves anyway. Look at them, look at them! They're like worms crawling on a hot rock. Remember what you used to say, Saul? Aside from a Cylon, is there anything that you hate more than a Sagittaron?" And just in case you were thinking maybe Tigh was being treated fairly in this episode, he then says the following line: "I'll tell you what I hate, Mike: being wrong." Everybody makes sad faces and whatever, he orders Helo to arrest Micah and take him to the brig, and as they're leaving, two more awful things happen.

The first one is that Dr. Robert flails in Dee's direction and screams about how he didn't harm her, and Helo totally says, "Right, she's one of the good ones."

Let that sink in for a second.

The second one is how everything goes into slow-motion and Helo and Mrs. King, who's randomly there all of a sudden, stare at each other in slow-motion for a million years, because she is avenged.

I hope a third thing doesn't happen!

Cut immediately to a third horrible thing happening: Helo comes into Adama's office and exposits that he's been invited there by Adama, which is self-evident but still engenders the line, "Sir, you wanted to see me?" Adama tells him to sit down, and then says the following words in the following order without even giving you a second to breathe.

"There's hate, and there's allowing hate. Two sides of the same coin, really. We're guilty of both. Somewhere, we got lost. You being the lone voice in the wilderness, we were bound to stay that way for a while. This is my ship. And I owe you an apology."

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