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The Helo Suit

Helo sneaks into Cottle's office and there's a scintillating montage of him reading paperwork and patient charts. Cottle comes in and tries to make light of this gross overstep, but Helo starts up yelling about how he can prove that Robert is killing the women of Qumar, and Cottle tells him to take it outside and then shove it up his ass. "No, listen to me! He killed them on New Caprica! Look. Guy goes in for a cough, he dies of heart failure. Here, see for yourself. This one, woman had simple appendicitis, she died on the operating table. Of the Picons he treated, 12% of them died, Capricans -- oh, he likes Capricans -- the mortality rate was 6%. Sagittarons? 90%. Ninety percent of the Sagittarons died while in his care." And just like that, we've gone from a so-so crappy episode about medical ethics to a very crappy story about...serial killers who do things for literally no reason whatsoever. ["I also like the idea that he's letting twice as many Picons die as Capricans, and no one thinks to mention that." -- Joe R] Cottle tells Helo to go to hell some more, and Helo is perfect some more, and whatever. There's a really good line reading from Helo here: "Please, can you do an autopsy on Mrs. King's son, to see how he died? I'll let it go, I will, I promise, I will let it go. Just check?" That was the best acting in the episode, that line. I loved it. Cottle lies and says that he checked into Willie, and that he had both Mellorak sickness and bitamucin in his system, which deflates the Helo Suit. Cottle throws him out for real and lights a crotchety old cigarette. The total lack of commitment of the actor playing Cottle in this episode is...AWESOME.

In Dogville triage, to the sound of Sagittarons praying, Dualla comes stumbling up, looking like hell. I heard this was originally supposed to be Racetrack, but I guess Dualla gets more central due to being a self-hating Sagittaron. Whatever, it would be a woman in this role, of course, and since all the women on the show this week are being written in the same way, I guess it doesn't matter. Michael Angeli's ex-wife climbs inside the Dualla Suit and asks Dr. Robert for some bitamucin; Mrs. King watches at an angle such that all we see is Robert's creepy hand readying the injection, Mrs. King staring, Mrs. King remembering how Dee's Sagittaron from her speech earlier, which made no sense and didn't move the plot along at the time, but only existed to remind us that Dee is Sagittaron in a place where Mrs. King could hear it.

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