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"The doctor's version of when he administered the drug greatly differed from that of Mrs. King," Helo tells Adama, in the Admiral's office. Cottle and Tigh are in attendance. "The woman, King," Helo prompts Adama to remember. "Her son started showing symptoms, she immediately took him to Robert for treatment. The boy still died. In the other case, Robert treated a Sagittaron without the man's consent." So the mystery, then, lost in all the static, is why these two patients, with opposite courses of care, both died under Robert's care. Cottle speaks up for treating the people against their will in order to save the Fleet from the epidemic, noting once again that the only reason they haven't done so is the attempt to respect Sagittaron custom. Which the Buckminster treatment did not do, Helo points out, and then he worries about how people are dying from Robert's treatment. "People die under my care every day, it goes with the damn job," Cottle grits out, and Helo reacts poorly: "Killing doesn't." Tigh wigs out on him for accusing Robert of killing people, and Helo backs up a step: "Even if I'm wrong, even if he isn't treating some of these people unethically, I'm concerned he's created a situation down there. It's bad." Adama delivers a really long, really pointless speech: "Captain. I have the former President of the Colonies sitting in a prison cell, and a Cylon woman is in custody, and a population that would love nothing more than to tear both of them apart. My ship is overcrowded, and I have an epidemic on my hands. Now the question is: are you capable of doing your job? And are you going to stop making these unfounded accusations? Are you?" Helo gives in and leaves; Tigh cuts sneaky eyes at the door.

In the corridor, Helo's grumbling and cursing under his breath, and Tigh comes running up to him for round two. "With all due respect, sir, I think Micah Robert might be hurting people," Helo says pissily, and Tigh mentions how Robert's the only one who even likes Helo anymore. "You may as well take whatever credibility you have left and chuck it out an airlock. You seriously want to stand up for these crazy frackin' people? What is it with you? You just like being on the outside looking in, do you?" Helo notes that this line makes no sense in context, and thus is one in a series of anti-Sharon swipes, and Tigh grins a little about that. "Mike Robert is a stand-up guy. A Caprican, one of our own. A man I can trust. On New Caprica, he worked with the Resistance. He patched up my eye. He fought the enemy. While you were snuggled up in bed with your Cylon wife every night ..." Helo punches him in the gut, even though he didn't say anything that horrible, and Tigh waves off the concerned Marines rushing up. "So you do give a frack what your friends think. Good for you! That's how it should be. But you know what? I give a frack too. About friends, about loyalty. You keep soiling Mike Robert's good name, and we are gonna finish this. How's that sound to you?" Helo just shakes his head, sad to be here, and Tigh advises him to get his hand looked at. Heh.

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