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Sharon's visiting Caprica's cell. Which would be interesting, except it's not about them as women, because women are stupid and have no interior life. It exists for completely separate reasons, including the reintroduction of Chip Gaius, last seen in "Downloaded." Sharon asks how she's being treated, and Caprica says well enough, although hilariously, she says, "Take a while to get to the point though, don't they?" Heh. That's funny. Sharon thanks Caprica for helping her re-kidnap the thrice-kidnapped Hera, but admits she doesn't really get why. Cue Chip Gaius: "Exactly." Caprica gets nervous, as one does when the hallucinations start in the middle of your conversation, and he asks outright: "What are we doing here? How could you possibly throw yourself on the mercy of these people?" Sharon tells Caprica her best chance of survival is to work with Roslin and the others, specifically to help them expose Baltar for his crimes, and Caprica looks down. Sharon takes off for CAP, promising to get Caprica some clothes. How weird would she look in those? Caprica thanks her for visiting as we cut to the Brig Observation Room, where Tory and Roslin are watching them talk. "To have some company...thank you." Sharon nods: "Yeah. I care about you."

Back in the cell, that backwards Chip music starts playing, and Gaius, looking all great, asks if she honestly thinks any of them care about her. "I imagine they don't," she admits. I do! I love you, Caprica Six! "So what are you doing here again?" She's like, I actually don't even know. "So you're here to save him, are you?" Maybe. "You are here because you want to be human." She choke-laughs, with tears of shame in her eyes. That's too big to think about; too big to look at. If Gaius's desire to be Cylon was his guilt talking, Caprica's desire to be human is the same. That makes me sad. I want to see her fighting. "But there's a trick to being a human: you have to think only about yourself," he says, and they start making out. Human psychology is all about projection, no? But more than that: if becoming more Cylon means hard logic, hive mind, the desire for individuality in an ocean of minds, then becoming more human means withdrawal from the hive, means independence and staking out the space of ground on which you're standing. Separation from the "we," and understanding the "I." What Real Gaius taught Caprica, and Three, and what took them both off the board, and what scares a thousand Cavils to death every time he thinks of it: to be more than they were supposed to be.

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