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The Girl On The Cliffside
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(In which certain Fears about Boomer become incontrovertible, and Tory Foster continues to make a World of Sense.)

Brother Cavil hurls himself, naked, from the pod and onto the floor. He is slick and white. Cavil has always hated resurrection. That moment between life and death, that moment when God reveals His face, is nothing but pain for model One; every time he sees that light, and hears that singing, is harder for him. It hurts.

Cavil is wrapped in towels by Cavil, who calls him Brother; tenderly; Boomer tends to him upon the floor. Cavil explains to Cavil that he was shot by Centurions, "pure insanity," at the behest of Natalie. "The Sixes have lost their minds," Cavil explains to Cavil. "They have no idea of the threat that they've unleashed." Cavil learns that all the Ones, Fours, and Fives on the ships controlled by Natalie's group have been killed. He calls it "ethnic cleansing." Boomer explains the futility of her tiebreaker last week: "The whole Fleet's split right down the middle." Cavil jokes, like Laura, like Laura might secretly joke: "That'll teach me not to trust in democracy." Boomer smiles and kisses him, still naked as he is, newborn, slick with the waters of resurrection.

The pills and exhaustion are lights, upon the wall, from a magic lantern. Moons and stars whirl in a darkened room, as Cally sleeps fitfully, wakes and remembers, drowses in hell, wakes to Nicky's cries. Who knows how long she waits there, in the silence before the screaming starts again. She remembers their last fight, Galen offering lies, running off to invented emergencies and midnight calls to the deck, and plays with her food without eating, and takes more pills. She comforts Nicky when he is awake, to still his cries, and in between she waits, squatting in the dark, and prays for sleep. She counts the moments in the dark and the lights whirl around her in the darkness, and when she can't wait any longer, knowing what they'll say, she calls down to the hangar deck, to the emergency. He isn't there. Possibilities whirl in the darkness. He settled for her, this dirty girl, because she bribed him to do so. After all his fears came true and he hurt her, she demanded this life, his child, and was rewarded with her dreams, come true. And she knew who she was: Galen's girl.

Before she was Galen's girl, the world made sense: she was working out her time, paying for dental college with a term of service. Small plans for a small girl. And she met Galen, and fell in love, and he never noticed her. And then the world ended, and nothing made sense anymore. The world fell apart, in her hands. And all she had was love. And when he loved her back, even in the dirt of New Caprica, things made sense again. And now she has everything she can remember wanting, and it's gone sick and sour. At least with the attacks the world ended quickly.

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