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0620: Adama offers Tigh some coffee but he's not interested because it tastes like algae. They talk about how three more civilian captains have refused the Cylon upgrades, and it's a telling response indeed when Bill goes, "Didn't we already worry about this?" Tigh points out that just because Adama doesn't feel like dealing with it doesn't mean it's going away, but Bill is so not feeling that concept lately. Even the Hitei Kan is still acting uppity, "screaming bloody murder to anyone who'll listen, claiming they're being illegally seized by our Marines." And Bill is like, "Ugh. Well, go tell my son to tell the democratic government of our society that I will put them in jail if they don't start doing what our military dictatorship says."

Tigh's like, "You know how much I love a coup in the morning, especially now that Roslin's completely abdicated and will do whatever you tell her, but did you know I'm a Cylon? Which is sort of a crux among cruxes here?" Laura swans into the room in her bathrobe and delights in Tigh's wide-eyed shock that she's been spending the night there since, what, like New Caprica? He immediately runs off to his Roslin/Adama shipper board to squee that it's canon, or whatever, I don't really know what those words mean, but I understand that giggling about sex is a big part of it. Bill gets kind of annoyed at Tigh even bringing up how he's a killer robot in public now, and sends Tigh off to suspend habeus corpus or whatever. Laura thinks about speaking up, but realizes there are limits to even her hypocrisy, and shuts it down.

0632: Felix visits the VP in his cell with a contingent of rebel Marines, and escorts him from the brig. What's going on here is that because Felix is the Galactica's entire nervous system, he can do all kinds of House shit to her, like make her think there are fires happening that aren't, or selectively turning her blind. So he can tell anybody that asks that Adama ordered Zarek's release, up to and including Lee and the Quorum itself, because the only person that could disprove that is Adama himself, and he could give a fuck about anything right now. Which is one of the nicest ironies about Felix's nasty little mutiny: the way Roslin and Adama's West Wing elitism and voluntary blindness to the needs and desires of their people is exactly the blind spot getting exploited. If all you see is the forest, you'll never notice the creatures in the trees, the moss on the north sides, the giant spiders, the rot and disease spreading. It even serves a narrative function for us, because we've stayed up at the top of the tower with them the whole time: for this story to make sense, we have to come down and look at it from the perspective of a nation that's been lied to and controlled at gunpoint since the attacks eight -- er, I mean four -- years ago.

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