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This Is Not A Love Story
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Two days ago, Laura and Helo and Gaius and a contingent of Marines boarded the rebel Basestar, because it had to stop. The Cylon God got too real, too many people knew about the visions; the place Laura was standing on got smaller and smaller and she had to share it with too many people. It had to stop. The Hybrid lay in water and blood, staring vacantly. Laura knelt, and Natalie's Eight plugged her in, and Gaius murmured a quiet prayer; Laura told him to shut up. And the first thing she said was Jump.

The Hybrid is the Ego, the soul, the CPU, the prefrontal cortex and the corpus callosum of the Basestar. She cares, and she monitors, and she jumps and she breathes and she sings, unceasingly. And the greatest of these is the jump. When you jump, you are everywhere and nowhere. You knit yourself into the fabric of everything that is, and was, and ever will be. You move beyond sight, or projection, or fate, or history, and into the everything. This has all happened before, and it will happen again, but in the moment of the jump it's all happening at once. You are at one with the universe, in a very real way; your body is experiencing what the Hybrid sees all the time, and tries to tell us in her song. We are the ant, and the universe is the cloth; the jump is the wrinkle in time, the fold in space.

Maybe for a moment you can see it all, and the way it goes around and around. This is certainly more than we've ever talked about it, even during the 33 minutes that started this, it was just another thing that could go wrong. But it's a miracle: like any miracle, we take it for granted. And like any miracle, we forget it when it's done. Most of the time. You wanna talk about miracles?


Laura stands alone in a Galactica corridor, and muses to herself. She's never seen what the Hybrid sees, or remembered it if she did. I mean to say she's never stepped out of her universe and taken a good hard look at it: that sublime elevation, looking down at everything else, looking back at herself. You and I work with three dimensions, until we grow up enough to work with four. Laura's strength, and her tragedy, has always been taking it down, looking at the thing in front of her, clearly and dispassionately. How many times, this season alone, has she rung out her common prayer? "Here's what's going on." She always knows what's going on.

Laura looks around, and suddenly behind her is Elosha. The Price in Blood. Her guide, in life. The woman who told her she wasn't crazy. Elosha never held back, the glory or the pain, but she told Laura she wasn't crazy. She had facts and figures, scriptures and scrolls. Her belief kept Laura alive. Laura embraces her without a thought.

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