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Previously: the Prez and Apollo ran, Starbuck played pyramid, and Cally got some target practice. So they're all keeping fit, at least.

Caprica. "Resistance Base Camp." Wow, that place is huge. Suddenly the Caprican educational system is frightening me.

Starbuck is in a room piled high with boxes of supplies and -- hey, a naked guy! Wow, the Resistance is stockpiling everything. Hang on, it's just Anders. Rats. Starbuck pads across the room in her underwear and starts getting dressed. Behind her, Anders looks at his watch and starts a light morning conversation by asking Starbuck what she'll do if she can't get back to the Galactica. Um, die in the cold vacuum of space? Starbuck insists that she'll get back. Anders points out that his team was able to surprise her, and Starbuck snaps, "Frack you." Anders sniffs at her potty-mouth, which makes me laugh. He sits up a little and points out that the Resistance could use some advice from a real soldier. He admits, "A lot of our tactics are stuff we just saw in the movies." Starbuck's suggestion: "Give it up before you all die." She advises that they hide out in the mountains, above the "ambient radiation," and wait for the rescue party she'll send when she's back with the fleet. Anders scoffs at the idea of rescue, and stretches out on the bed, waiting for his bare chest to work its magic. Starbuck says, "If I say I'm gonna do something, I do it." Anders asks if she's always a bitch in the morning. She glares, "Count on it." He responds, "My kind of woman," and then grabs Starbuck by the arm and yanks her over. Starbuck is all, "Not now, I have a mission," but Anders seems to think it can wait two and a half minutes. She shoves him away, and Anders grumps, "Fine, whatever." After a moment, Starbuck starts to apologize. "I didn't mean to --" Anders giggles, "Gotcha," and pulls her onto him. Banter, smooching, groinycakes. Caprica was a lot funnier before Starbuck got here.

They're wild rebels, crunchy fruity rebels. The Resistance drives into the middle of the woods and then begins to fan out on foot. Anders tells Sue-Shaun to watch the perimeter, and then he, Helo, and Starbuck have a little conference. They're planning to hit grab a Heavy Raider that stops nearby to refuel every day. Starbuck outlines a plan that involves waiting until the ship is hooked up to the tylium pumps and then blowing up the refueling station. Anders says, "I thought you wanted the Raider intact," and Starbuck explains, "They build 'em tough." Wow, I guess so. She adds that the explosion will give her time to get aboard and "blow the brain." Further planning is put on hold when there are gunshots from the trees. Er, not literally. I don't think. Starbuck runs back to take cover behind the Humvee. As everyone starts running around shooting, Starbuck blinks woozily and watches the battle. I liked this, because for the first few seconds, while Starbuck's looking around, I was thinking, "What's she doing? Is there something I'm supposed to notice here?" Then she drops her gun, and lifts her hand from over her belly to reveal a bloodstain. Starbuck falls down as the Resistance continues fighting and run off into the trees. They're still terribly unobservant soldiers, I have to say. I expected a little better of Helo.

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