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Previously, Lee cheated on Dee with Kara, but then Kara married Sam because she has a lot of issues. A year and a half later they got okay again. Also, Sharon had a half-human baby, which Roslin kidnapped and lied about, which was later rescued by the Cylons. Additionally, Gaius got all caught up in Three's religious mania and hopes to be a Cylon saint, but nobody told Caprica that her threesome was quickly becoming a creepy suicidal culty twosome. Everybody was starving until Sharon found a planet full of algae and religious significance; not everybody survived the passage there.

Kara flies her Raptor down to the surface of the Algae Planet. It's been two weeks since Kat died and they made planetfall. Chief and Anders are being quite industrious with the civilians and Marines getting the processing plant completed; Chief hears the call of the Gods up on a high bluff but ignores it, chatting instead with Anders about how the Algae Planet smells gross and the resulting food is no more delicious than it smells. Until somebody finds the Hot Fudge Planet, Chief cracks, they're screwed. Overhead, Kara's Raptor comes in hot and wild.

Inside a bunker, Dualla's guessing it's Starbuck flying all crazy. "Third time this week. It's amazing how she keeps landing on the top of the pilot rotation." Lee notifies her that the donut runs are assigned on a coin flip, so Kara probably thinks she's just running a stream of bad luck. Yeah, "streams" tend to be bad luck for Kara Thrace. He heads out to debrief her and Dualla elects to "skip the meet-and-greet." I'm guessing that what is going to happen next is going to be Lee and Kara being pretty fucking gross, so that's probably best.

In Kara's Raptor, Lee and Kara commence being pretty fucking gross. And also totally transparent. Poor Dee. They start making out fiercely. It's not even really that hot anymore -- however hot it was, it is now much less hot than even that. I mean, they are both married precisely to hurt each other, and now that they don't want to hurt each other anymore, it's kind of silly to still be married, but I don't know anything about marriage so I can posit that you stay married once you get married. Also that Kara will never divorce Sam as long as Lee's out there endangering her wildness or whatever. Still, they are gross.

Outside, Chief directs Cally to "start emptying the tents," so I guess the processing thing is almost done. He hears something magic again and stares up at the bluff.

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