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The Stockdale Paradox

"There you are," Anastasia says, having found him more quickly than anyone else ever could. "The Raptor's ready to take you back to Colonial One, what are you doing in here?" Thinking. Just thinking. "About all the pilots who sat in those seats," he says quietly, as she watches his face. "Gave their lives for a dream, of a new beginning on Earth. I don't want their sacrifice to be meaningless." It won't be. Anastasia, literally translated, means "She who will rise again." It's a gift she gives these men, her chosen men, so regularly and so deftly that they never really notice she's doing it. It's part of her revolution, when she does it: to root out the doubt that is their inheritance, to remind them that dreams are responsibilities, that the future is waiting to be sung into existence. To remind them to rise, again.

She says tenderly that he's wearing the same look he was wearing when Bill left Pegasus with the Fleet above New Caprica, to save humanity or die trying. When his father forced him to grow up, become a man, lose his softness, turn away from his rabid idealism and consider his imperative. When his father decided to be a hero, and left Lee to be the shepherd. Lee's amazed she knows him so well, which can only make her laugh at this point. Of course she does. He breathes, and remembers her. History fills the room, as he breathes. A whole year, in the sky, alone with each other. She was his XO and he was the Commander. They allow themselves to remember the good times: It was their only real year together. It ended badly.

"I remember what you told me: We had to keep the human race going. And you did." Lee shakes his head; this part, he remembers, and corrects her: "No, we did. I couldn't have done it without you, Dee." Anastasia looks him right in the eye, and sells him a new lie. Something so big you wouldn't think to question it, left out on the mantelpiece where nobody will notice: "You will this time, too." What she means is, "You will, this time."

He allows himself to cry, to speak his fear: what to do now, that Laura is slipping and Bill's crumbling after her, now that the Quorum is his trouble, his responsibility. He makes a joke so dumb it could only be a Lee Adama Original: "Good news is real estate prices are low." She smiles tenderly; she always liked his bad jokes best. "Truth is, there is no happy way to spin this thing," he says, and she raises her voice a bit, to knock him out of Lawyer Lee and back into the Lee that is required now. The Lee who's too busy loving, and trying, and searching, to do anything as lazy as spinning the truth.

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