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The Stockdale Paradox

"I hear you lost the signal," he says absently. "You couldn't find the source." That's the official story, for now. Shiny new Viper and the crazy crusade of the Demetrius were mostly forgiven, when she turned out to be right, although now that's debatable and she's burned up a lot of even that tenuous goodwill. She saved the Final Four, but their stock is pretty low right now, too. Giving up proof that she did die, in the Maelstrom? That she's something new and terrifying, the harbinger of the Apocalypse? Not yet. Only Lee would understand, because only Lee ever understands. And he was there, he saw her die, screaming her name into the storm as she plunged into the light. There's nobody left to talk to.

"Yeah..." she stumbles, unsure to explain but desperate to unburden herself. This is the sort of weird, bad crazy stuff that she could always count on Leoben to help her deal with, and now he's even more scared of her than the humans are. But Lee's always accepted the darkest, strangest parts of her. Maybe he can talk her down from this one. She doesn't get too far before she notices the pain, the grim pattern of his face, the way he's holding something in so that he doesn't fall apart. She forgets her problems entirely, for a moment.

"You look like hell. What's going on?" Lee nods, spaced out and vague. "Oh... Dee." Kara leans forward, ever so slightly, adrenaline starting up: "What about Dee?" He explains that she shot herself, and Kara rocks back on her heels. "I don't... I don't understand." Lee nods. "No. Neither do I. You know? I'm trying to come up with a neat answer but... Um, truth is I'll never know. Because it's too frakkin' late." She watches his face, slowly breaking apart. She won't tell him. Not today. She won't tell him how she died, too.

The Admiral walks through a ruined ship, people on the floor against the bulkhead, shooting up for all we know, FRAK EARTH scrawled across a wall uncomfortably close to CIC. They huddle together as though it's freezing; they're trying desperately to be whole. To hold the pieces together. He meets Saul outside the bridge and they enter together; the bridge crew straightens up, worried and exhausted, wondering what he'll do, what he's going to say.

Bill tells Hoshi to take Dualla's place at comms; he shares a look with Felix before he goes. "Mr. Gaeta. Find me the closest G, F or K-class star system." Felix nearly smiles, for the first time. Just the sound of it, like the future waking up. "Mr. Hoshi, get the Cylon Baseship on the horn, see if our new allies want to come along for the ride." Hoshi nods, after a moment, and Bill breathes while Felix begins the search.

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