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When The Pawn Hits The Conflicts
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Slick the Pianoman unfolds the velvet over the keys of the piano in Joe's Bar and puts down his cigarette to play another tune. The lights come on in the racks and Kara Thrace rolls over; Hoshi on the PA says the same thing he says every day. In the mirror, in her locker, there's a dead girl in a flightsuit. It's like a waking nightmare, but on the top shelf of her locker, where she can't see them but she knows they're always there, are the dead girl's dogtags. She holds them in her hands every morning; they're burnt and scarred. The ones around her neck are shiny and fresh. The music sounds like a car, pulling away.

Observation lends existence. Nobody's paying attention to her. Her husband, her lover, her guide have left her, and nobody's looking. Her mission is the same this week as it was last week, and the week before: exist. Take a shower, get dressed. Cross off the dead planets in their star charts one by one, brief the pilots, sit with Sam, go to the bar, hold her hand against the flame of her lighter until she feels something. The whole Fleet had a trajectory, and it was taken from them on Earth. The something in the future was replaced with nothing, no place. Maybe the mutiny was just something to do.

The turkeys are flying CAP now; one of the Sixes raises a hand tiredly when called on. In addition to the CAPs they're also doing six-day rotations searching for planets. "The first one who sights a habitable rock will get this," Kara says in the briefing room. "It is the last tube of Tauran toothpaste in the universe. Gods know most of you need it." She can barely smile, now that she's made the joke so many times. Their mission is the same this week as it was the week before that, and the week before that. "Planet hunters, make sure to draw long duration provisions." The bins are big, plastic black things, heavy.

"If those clapped-out FTLs go down when you're out there, you're gonna get mighty hungry waiting for the SAR birds to find you." There aren't enough pilots, after the mutiny, for every Raptor to get an ECO. It's skeleton crews, six days out in the black. "Savor this alone time. But do not whack too much, we need you to conserve your O2." Kara practices that one, that joke about loneliness, in her rack. The repairs to Galactica will continue causing sporadic power outages. She repeats it to herself as she goes to sleep. "Our mission is the same this week as it was the week before that..."

Chief reports to Lee and Laura in Bill's office; even the Cylon goo will only buy a few more jumps. "But we're not ready to give up on the old girl just yet," Bill says, looking at Laura. Her hands shake; she pulls off her glasses with a headache, exhausted. Lee stands, anxious to get back to government, and welcomes the newly elected Sonja Six to the Quorum of Ship's Captains, who will be meeting next week. She thanks him, but warns them all that their first request will be to pull Boomer from Galactica's brig, and take her back to the Baseship. Bill starts to get mad -- she did put two holes in him, and never seemed to feel that bad about it -- but Sonja explains. They don't want Boomer free, they want her tried for treason. Bill immediately understands, but she explains it to Lee: Sharon Valerii sided against the 268s, against the Eights, with Cavil. She directly contributed to his turkey shoot, away from the Baseship. The first sortie of the war. And now that they've lost resurrection, capital punishment means something. Chief can't even breathe: they're going to kill Boomer. Again.

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