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(In which Mommy and her Cancer once again show disinterest in Kara's Bullshit, a Toaster helps a Toasterfrakker and a Hot Marine, and the Admiral has a Tiny Crisis.)

Picking up once again from the cliffhanger, XO Tigh and CAG Helo are leading a Marine squad (starring Gunny Matthias!) through the ship. Not sure how they know where she is, but apparently everybody knows where she is. I have this image of Bill trying to keep it secret and just accidentally letting it slip with everybody -- including possible Cylon infiltrator Starbuck -- exactly where Laura's hot Presidential ass is riding out chemo. Go on, twist his arm.

Any case, Tigh is interested as ever in making as much drama as possible about Kara's unknown status, not that I blame him, because either she's a Cylon -- in which case his ass is covered -- or she's Kara Thrace -- in which case there's a total probability that she's doing something highly fucked up no matter what time of day it is.

"Look alive! And for frak's sake, don't shoot the Godsdamned President!" On principle, and out of loyalty, I agree. Helo tells him to shut up and let him talk to Kara, but Tigh's all, "You talk your ass up a storm, but it ends with the first bang."

Over the PA, Tigh tells the Gods and everybody about how Kara's got the Prez by the thinning locks, and Adama bounces from the bridge, giving Gaeta what he calls the "comm," which I think he thinks is what you call the navigational "con." I love him.

Laura stares at Kara, scared, and Kara sees something that might be mostly Laura, but isn't just Laura. This isn't the first time, as my friend Karen pointed out, Kara's come home to a mommy in treatment, who doesn't want to hear it and...well, listen to her: "I want to hate you so much. So much... You had a vision. Remember? ... I trusted you. On a vision. That's it. A vision." Breaks my heart. And as the squad comes closer, and Kara falls apart right in front of her, let's take a moment. Not a long moment, but a moment.

That moment when you can't take it anymore, when all your doors are locked in front of you and they stick you in a room and tell you that choices aren't something you're going to be having, that's a river running through this episode like blood. Laura, Caprica, Boomer, Athena, and now Kara have all spent time -- in that very brig -- for following the voice of the Gods, or God, or programming, speaking in their hearts. Running through their souls, like blood. And once the war secedes is when we can start looking at the differences between us, here, on our side of the line. Whatever it is. That's when we have to look at, for example, how far our rights have slipped; how much of our world we were missing before the war.

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