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Oo, new intro. "The Cylons were created by man. They evolved. They rebelled." Although the rebelling came before the evolving. "And they have a plan." There are more snippets of the Centurion robots than there used to be. I guess that's so new viewers aren't totally bewildered by the ending of this episode. Especially when there are so many other confusing things going on.

Previously on Battlestar Galactica: explosions, shouting, betrayal, a coup, a mutiny, a baby, and a shooting. Phew.

Apollo, Tigh, and Dualla try to tend to Adama as a medical team rushes in with a gurney. Apollo screams for Cottle. One of the medics explains that Cottle is making rounds in the fleet.

Tigh has a couple of quick flashbacks in which a door with a prominent "3" opens to reveal a mustached Adama. Adama introduces himself as Tigh's new shipmate. They shake hands. Tigh has an unfortunate mop of thinning reddish hair.

Back in real time, the medics do...well, medical things. Nearby, Boomer struggles with the soldiers who grabbed her, and calls, "What happened?" Hee. Tigh tells the soldiers, "Secure that thing in the brig." Boomer gasps and wails as she's dragged off. The medic announces that Adama is breathing again, and they drag him away. In a nicer way than the soldiers dragged Boomer away, probably because instead of whining and moaning, Adama's just bleeding quietly. Gaeta rushes over to a new guy who wasn't around for the first season, and quickly fills him in on what just happened. Gaeta is clearly the ship's gossip. The new guy, who the captions identify as Kelly, is told, "The Colonel's in command -- you're second!" This looks like a prank to me. "Hey everybody, let's tell the new guy that he's second in command!" As if to prove my theory, Gaeta makes a "You're it!" gesture and rushes away. Apollo starts to follow the medics out, but Tigh tells the guards to throw Apollo in the brig. As Apollo brings the "dragged out" total to three, he protests, "Colonel Tigh! He's! My! Fatherrrr!" Obviously the contrasting examples of Boomer and Adama taught Apollo nothing about the value of being quiet. Tigh looks around to see if there's any more dragging to be done, but then asks Kelly if they should expect a Cylon attack. Tigh asks how the Cylons would know the fleet's location. Racetrack speaks up to describe how while they were on the Basestar, Boomer wandered off for a while and returned without her helmet. Kelly suggests jumping to "emergency standby coordinates." Dualla announces that Cottle is currently aboard the Rising Star. Gaeta reports that a Basestar has just appeared on the dradis. Tigh stares up at the screen and gulps. Kelly repeats that they have to jump.

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