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You know, I liked this one okay, when I saw it. I loved that it was not the previous episode a lot. It's still got that "divorced from all ongoing storylines" issue, which I think bugs me most because the whole reason I can handle "Epiphanies" is that it front-loaded what I assume are all the plot threads for the second half of the season...and the show promptly ignored all of them for two weeks. However, I forgot to point out last week that this episode, until recently, has been listed later in the episode order, like 18 or 19, and got bumped forward. I have a Sincere Hope and a Hopeful Theory about this. The Hopeful Theory is that "Black Market" also got bumped forward, which is why it did the same thing -- and sucked hard -- and that in both cases, the plot itself was too big to really go in and remodel and add the necessary texture to make it fit the ongoing story without cutting the A-story too short (although at least this week, the story doesn't rely on its own made-up backstory to make its point). The Sincere Hope is that the reason this was done, in one or both cases, is to give the production team the necessary time to make next week's episode entirely kick-ass, because from the non-spoiler stuff that I do know, it's going to be a freakout hellride starting with Episode 18, and that's exciting, and how nice would it be if next week got that party started early?

But so in the few days since this episode aired, I have been reading this week's very insightful TWoP forums and listening to the irritating podcast (and cursing Entertainment Weekly, by the way -- don't read the blue info box in the front pages, if you can help it, because it includes two things everybody knows and an effing huge thing I didn't, and I've already had to wank about sixteen different ways that the particular plot point described therein might still be "vague," and fuck them anyway because it's about Season 3, for Pete's sake). And I have grown to realize that I kind of love this episode. So when I did the massive final viewing, where I actually type my notes, I found myself really touched by it in ways that I was not expecting. I assume part of this was "Black Market" hangover, and part of this was the fact that, as Strega pointed out to me, nothing could have been particularly satisfying after the Pegasus extravaganza, but now that I've watched it a hundred times, I think I definitely like it. At least as much as "Final Cut," or "The Farm" or "Litmus" or any of the other usual suspects. And I'm back to liking Lee as much as I ever did, Starbuck more so, and feeling mostly sorry for Kat at this point. Which is a bunch of surprising things to admit.

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