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Previously, Billy and Dee were in some sort of ill-defined relationship that, not unlike the chief export of Picon, picked up whatever flavor you had lying around. Lee Adama was in an ill-defined relationship with somewhere between four to eighteen women, some of whom may or may not exist anymore. Kara was in ill-defined love with a dead sports player, Boomer totally thought you deserved to die, and the whole world ended when most people exploded. One of them, although not immediately, was Ray Abinell, the husband of Sesha Abinell, a crazy person.

Forty-eight hours earl...waaaait a minute, there's none of that nonsense! This is already the best episode in a while! Right here in the lovely, wonderful present, aboard the Freighter Greenleaf, Sesha Abinell is wound tighter than Captain Lee Adama, trying desperately to understand how her husband could have overcome all the odds and made it out of the Colonies and joined the Fleet, only to get sucked into space after a Cylon attack ten weeks ago (which by my reckoning would have happened between "Flight Of The Phoenix" and "Pegasus," but I don't want to get into a knife fight about it). Sesha is doing this, as people so often do both in TV and real life, by obsessing on huge conspiracy theories and trying to find someone to blame. Well, besides the Cylons, of course, who actually are to blame. In fact, all of her info is pretty much on target, which is interesting. She's, like, Mel Gibson: exciting! There are press clippings creepily covering all the walls, de rigeur for the agent provocatrice, and lots and lots of pictures of Boomer everywhere. It's a scene that relies heavily on us processing both the spoken and the written word, as we flash on various paranoid writings and pictures and stuff while Sesha types things, speaking them aloud in a completely different order from how she's typing them.

The Cylon M.O. involves: sleep deprivation, "assault on natural resources," emotional manipulation, suicide bombing, Cylon impregnation and reproduction, multiple models, sleeper agents within the Fleet, takeover by brute force...There are various articles asking very Weekly World News questions like, "Can Cylons Reproduce?" A picture of Ray and Sesha, happy. One cool article about suicide bombers reading, "Commander Adama and President Roslin must finally make public the terrifying secret known only to a select few: Cylons now look like humans," with the pullquote: "Cylons want to kill us. That's all they want to do." It's interesting because between these people, whatever their name, and the DEMAND PEACE people, that's pretty much every viewer that ever had a thought about Boomer. For comparison, here's an interesting part of the Demandifesto: "WE BELIEVE: Only open dialogue can save mankind. The military is the servant, not the masters, of the Fleet. The Cylons will respond to reasonable dialogue. Democracy is the key to responsible decision making for the future of mankind. Man and Cylons can coexist in peace. We are at the dawn of a new beginning for mankind. The enemies of peace are the enemies of mankind. DEMAND PEACE." (Emphasis mine, because the coolest thing about revealing both of these factions within the Fleet close to the same time is that they are right about everything -- this whole paragraph is true -- except for, possibly, the highlighted sentence. The Cylons can do "reasonable," just not "dialogue.") We see Ray running down a corridor and getting sucked out after a Raider pass, as Sesha shakes off her tears and keeps typing. Dana Delany is one of my favorite actors in the world, I'll say that right now, and it's not really a coincidence, because the show seems to have not only good taste but specifically my personal taste, and maybe yours, in guest stars. China Beach! Wild Palms! Pasadena! Sesha sends these incredibly intense vibes at one of the pictures of Boomer, like, so intense that she might just go ahead and beat up the picture. But the Post-It attached tells us that it's not the famous Adama-shooting Boomer, but the one currently pregging it up in the Galactica brig. I knew she could only avoid being a political football a few more weeks. Man.

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