Battlestar Galactica
Resurrection Ship, Part II

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The Battlestars, having taken out one Basestar, move to the other as the Vipers launch on the Resurrection Ship. Apollo lets go and sinks into the water as the Vipers blow the Resurrection Ship up for good. Thousands of Cylon bodies drift in the flames as Apollo sinks deeper and deeper. In space, he forms a word, losing consciousness and dying. I hope he's not a Cylon -- he just lost his ticket home. A Raptor arrives just after Apollo dies, bright searchlights filling the screen with light.

A Pegasus Tactical Officer informs Cain that the Resurrection Ship has been destroyed, and she slams her podium in celebration, grinning and staring and nearly crying, exactly like a figure skater at the precise moment she gets her score.

Racetrack shocks Apollo back to life in the rescue Raptor, radioing to Galactica CIC, "He's all right. He's a little shaken. But I say again, Apollo is all right," and Dualla and Adama smile and nod quietly to each other. Adama knows all, dude. The cheering starts, and Fisk looks nervous. Gaeta reports that all the rest of the Cylons have jumped, and that the fight is over. Adama congratulates everyone, and Fisk stares at him, the Marines waiting for his command.

Gina and Gaius sit cross-legged, facing each other, hands across. Gina asks him to send her soul "to God," and he looks freaked out. What if she died and then he had two of them following him around all the time? Like, one of them on one shoulder talking about God's plan and the other one on the other shoulder with the atheism and vengeance sprees? You can always get crazier.

Starbuck walks slowly to the Pegasus CIC, and she is sweaty as hell. She looks covered in an entire Gavin Rossdale of glycerin, oily and wet, and she's breathing slowly to herself: "I wish you were here, Lee." She shakes it off, and approaches the CIC, dropping puddles of flop sweat everywhere and the Marines follow behind her with those stand-up signs that say "Piso Mojado." In CIC, Cain is stretching -- her physical tension is a major factor in the rest of her scenes, which is cool, because you never even saw her blink before, but now that the Cylon Fleet is destroyed, she's allowed to have a crick or two. The angle as Starbuck's entering CIC is very Hitchcock, like, there's an officer in there who looks over at her, but he looks incredibly menacing, because we're scared of what's going to happen, and the fact that, Lee or no Lee, Starbuck's probably going to die in the next five minutes. Cain is overwhelmed with fifty kinds of emotions when she sees Starbuck, but immediately clamps them all down: "I am so very proud of you." Starbuck just stares at her, covered intensely in a bunch of sweat. She may have space influenza.

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