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Gaius: "Do you know what I miss most? You're going to laugh when I tell you this..." He begins to repeat Six's speech from before, word for word. Six realizes what he's doing and begs him to stop. Gina just watches his face. He's nearly more upset than Six is, which makes him interesting to look at, because as far as Gina knows, he's just telling a story. His eyes are filling with tears, and Six just gets more and more resigned to what's happening. Her heart is breaking, sure, but Gaius is breaking his own heart, which is harder to do. I mean breaking it open, so that he can take the red pill for once, and he's a bastard for doing it because Six is awesome and Gina is a fucking mess, but it's still hard to watch him do it. "...Let the emotion of the crowd flood over me. Waves and waves of it. Like electric current." Gina's awed, thinks it's beautiful -- as she should; it's her story. This is like that little pissant in Eternal Sunshine that took the most romantic moments of Kate Winslet's life and used them like some kind of creepy memory rapist. Gaius heads into the home stretch, Six begging at every turn for him to stop: "And I always had two tickets. One for me...And one for you." And Number Six disappears. I don't like it. I mean, I like it because I like this Gina story, and the actress is excellent in both roles and we'll still see her bossing them all around back on Caprica or wherever, but I forgot that it would mean no more Six, whom I love. Gina meets Gaius's eyes and takes his hand. I can't believe Tricia Helfer had to explain to the writers why Gina would not commence making out with Gaius at this point, but I guess the Kate Winslet angle makes it a bit more understandable -- as far as she's concerned, they just kind of fell in love.

Dualla calls to Apollo, over and over and over: "Apollo, Galactica, do you read? Can you say your position? Apollo, Galactica, are you reading this?" Over and over, into space, as we watch Apollo hanging there, staring, not moving. "Are you out there?" Dualla's voice breaks. Apollo stops pressing on the space leak, and doesn't reply. She keeps calling, and we fade to Apollo, floating in the lake, Dualla's call echoing out almost into silence. It's very cool because the cliffs and the lake are so calming and silent and natural, and the radio's so scratchy and lossy and technical-sounding. Neat effect. Dualla's eyes close briefly in fear and sadness: "Are you out there?" I think she hears Apollo say: "I'm sorry, Kara." Which makes me wonder: on top of the suicidal depression they are all feeling in different ways, and the major disappointment of both Roslin and Adama being in on the assassination, is this also Apollo not wanting to be a part of it? Is he apologizing for being weak and not saving himself, or is he apologizing partly for making a choice not to cover Starbuck?

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