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Resurrection Ship, Part II

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Dualla registers the Blackbird's distress beacon, and Adama snaps shut like a box. "Alert the search and rescue raptor. See if he had time to eject." The Pegasus and Galactica launch their squadrons, Starbuck gets all CAG, and Fisk signals the Marines to take their posts. Endgame for the Battle of the Resurrection Ship commences, Fisk gets crazy nervous, looking at his Marines all over, and Adama gaetas, "Order batteries alpha through echo to switch to salvo fire." I assume they do so.

Grand, wonderful, sad and angry and terrible music -- second best to the stuff at the end, probably equal to the music on Kobol -- plays as Apollo notices a leak in his suit, checks his rapidly dropping oxygen levels, and puts his hands over the hole. This probably isn't intentional, but it somehow makes total sense that Lee's always about to die from oxygen loss. He never learned to breathe. He watches the whole battle taking place around him, in reference to that guy at Midway that sat in the ocean. It is beautiful, like a wonderful, terrible dream about things so big they make you an amoeba just watching them. Space battles don't actually do it for me very often. This is one of those times. I wish all space fights had really pretty music and lots of orange fire and silver exploding in middle-speed time, and a tiny third-party participant losing oxygen.

Gina and Gaius sit on the floor in the brig, facing each other. Six crouches behind Gaius, not digging the closeness. Gaius -- proving that you can always be crazier -- plays Six and Gina against each other, which is crazy on many levels. First of all, only one of them might exist. Second of all, one of them can't see the other, and doesn't know that other exists. Third of all, Sixes don't like getting fucked with. And finally, that's like stringing along a crazy giant shark and another, crazier giant shark -- either way you're going to lose a fucking arm. Six -- who has comparatively little to lose, since she doesn't exist -- is ranting that "tens of thousands" of Cylons are about to die. She repeats this number like it matters, compared to the destruction of all twelve Colonies: "God will not forgive this sin." Gaius asks Gina if she thinks He will, and her reply, "God forgives all," is troublesome, because the Six model is all about righteousness, but if any Six were going to lie about this particular sin, it would be Gina. Her religion doesn't seem to be intact, so much. The really messed-up thing, though, is how Gaius is doing his usual shit -- playing one conversation against the other -- only usually Six turns this to her advantage, dicking him around hilariously, and now he's doing it to her, plus herself, and it is not funny at all. He's so weird and bad. Six: "Don't listen to her. You think she can help you? You think that that broken woman can offer you even a fraction of what I can? I know God's plan for you! I know how to help you fulfill your destiny!" I never really thought Gaius would keep sucking on that one forever.

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