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Resurrection Ship, Part II

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Boomer takes a moment: "I'm not sure I know how to answer that. I mean, 'hate' might not be the right word." The right word, I think, is "patricide," right? But it's only ever the Tom Cruisier of the models that talk about that religious stuff, your Leobens and Sixes. Adama: "I don't want to fence with you. I just want to know why." Boomer's great here, giving off equal parts wanting to answer the question, yearning for her old relationship with Adama and knowing that's totally gone, and being generally "it's so obvious, duh" smug about the awesomeness of Cylons. "It's what you said at the ceremony before the attack, when Galactica was being decommissioned. You...said that humanity was a flawed creation." Close in on Adama's sad face. He remembers that speech, making it up as he went along, how it made no sense and was creepy, but got the slow clap anyway. "And that people still kill one another for petty jealousy and greed. You said that humanity never asked itself why it deserved to survive." So basically, the fact of comparative Cylon perfection is the reason -- and I can see the point, because one thing the Cylons have never, ever done that I can think of is been cruel. Manipulative, inquisitive, destructive, yes. But not for reasons of pettiness or jealousy or greed, or cruelty. They're scary for that reason, just like robots are always scary for that reason. (And before you email me about that damn baby, yes, I'm including that and I'm not inclined to fight it out -- that's the most profoundly sad Six had ever been. Before Gina, before Thorne. Before Pegasus.) The same shot as with Cain: his face in the foreground, blurry Boomer behind even though she's the one talking: "Maybe you don't." The intonation there is brilliant -- technically impossible to do a decent line reading on, actually -- but she sells it so well. As generally hateful as that sentiment is, coming from a Cylon especially...she's had kind of a week. You know?

Back at the fight, in the now, the Battlestars are blasting apart one of the Basestars, and it is awesome, and Gaeta's talking about how the Resurrection Ship is firing up FTL, so Apollo flies up close in the Blackbird -- "Don't anyone look out of the window right now, please" -- and then summarily blows the FTL engines apart. Starbuck acknowledges, and something -- a Raider, I think -- crashes into the Blackbird Laura, splitting her into many flaming pieces. I hope that's not a metaphor.

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