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On the Pegasus, Fisk is prepping his assassination Marine squad while Starbuck puts on her flight suit. How much would it suck to be like, "After this space battle, I have to do this whole other horrible thing. Hope I don't die any of the thousand possible times I'll probably die today." Starbuck looks in the mirror several times, like she always does. That's a good character tic. The whole time this is going on, the Tacticals are on the PA, so it ramps up the excitement considerably, all ongoing orders and alerts and whatever. Starbuck sets off down the corridor toward the bay as the announcements are going, "Set condition one throughout the ship." As Fisk marches his Marines toward the shuttle, she jogs past him. "Good hunting, Captain," he says. "You too, Colonel," she says. They both look grim, but I love the plausible deniability of this oh-so-dramatic line, because of course they're also wishing each other luck in the battle itself, like, you could say that to anybody you met along the hall. It's kick-ass for the story, though, mostly.

Over in the Galactica bay, Fisk is apologizing to Tigh (calling him "Saul," which is a nice nod to the fact that they are buddies now, in a very awkward position -- although only Fisk knows just how awkward) about having to be in charge of the Marines instead of just giving them to Tigh. The cover for all of this, plot-wise, is that the Marines are necessary on both ships in case the Cylons board, but we and Fisk know that it's really to kill the entire CIC. Tigh: "Be sure your Marines and our Marines are aware of their areas of responsibility...The last thing we need is Colonials shooting at each other." Fisk sighs an "Amen" to that one. Jack Fisk has, like, a Ph.D. in Foreshadowing.

Adama's naked and staring in the mirror, tracing his previous scar from when Boomer shot him, which goes all the way from here to there. This is so creepy, because of the obvious assassination stuff, but also because it's like seeing your Dad do this, naked, but then it's double creepy because the Marines are bringing Boomer to visit him. He sends them outside, and Boomer is unshackled somewhat. They sit, wary, Boomer giving off shades of being put-upon, being scared, being tremendously sad, and being a little angry, but mostly icked out. "I've asked you here to find out why the Cylons hate us so much," Adama says. Because now's the time? I don't exactly know the character reasons for this, except for how it contributes to the denouement, but that makes this whole scene uncharacteristically clumsy -- retroengineering the entire scene so that Boomer can change Adama's mind about some things. Well, I'm willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt, though, so I prefer to think that, between the upcoming genocide and assassination, Adama's feeling more grossly sympathetic with the Cylons of late, and maybe this is actually the first time he's wondered. Survivor mode again. Like, he knows why we hate Cylons so much, but the opposite might suddenly be of interest. He is very scowly though, so I can't read him so well right now.

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