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Apollo enters Adama's quarters with some MacGuffin paperwork he's couriering over from the Pegasus. Inappropriately, Adama ribs him about being an errand boy, and Apollo admits that he asked for the trip. "Kara told me about her, uh...her mission," he begins, in a somewhat accusatory tone. Adama wonders if Apollo's come to change his dad's mind, and Apollo -- ever the straight shooter -- goes to the guilt place: "Just wanted to hear it from you." Militarily, he's very much "at ease" -- thumbs in his belt -- but emotionally, he's about an octave tighter than is even normal for him. Adama tells Apollo that the decision is made, and Apollo starts pacing: "Assassination. That's your decision. That's how you resolve your differences with your superior officers." (Right up there with terrorism and sedition, Captain -- sorry, Lieutenant -- Hypocrite.)

Adama again reiterates that Apollo has the option of not backing Starbuck up, just like she did, and it's a nice mix of several things. First is the way Olmos plays it, which is heavy on the disappointment because he was so happy to see his son a second ago. Second is the fact that of course his father and Kara know that this is the #1 way to shut Apollo up -- giving him the opportunity to back down, because he cannot. And third for a reason we saw at the beginning of the episode, which will become clear in a bit. Suffice it to say that Apollo would never admit that he actually does want to opt out of going on a kamikaze assassination run. Adama's a little embarrassed as Apollo continues to protest ("It's not about me watching her back!"), but tells him it's not up for debate: "I think the President's right. This is the best way to safeguard the Fleet." Apollo starts stammering, and I can't help but wonder if that wasn't a little bit below the belt, even given the circumstances. Normally I'd say that Adama assumes Apollo knows that Roslin was in on it, but it's Adama; you can't trust him with your heart. If Apollo did know Roslin was in on it, he'd be at the Colonial One right now, because he knows Roslin and Adama are good at changing Adama's mind as a team. Therefore, he didn't know it was Roslin's idea, which means that this was a total sideswipe guaranteed to freak Apollo out, put him on the defensive, even force him to acquiesce, given his belief in the President. (Yeah, Lee and the President are close; you might have forgotten that, given the fact that the show has too.) Bill Adama is sometimes a bad, bad father, but he's very good at doing his job, which is saving humanity. Lee stutters and nearly starts crying for real. Adama concludes, "She's made of sterner stuff than people give her credit for...Is this all I have to sign?" Adding insult to injury with the whole Oedipal "Maybe I know Roslin better than you do" secret club of Mom and Dad crap. Bill's an evil genius. Apollo thanks him with a hundred "sir"s and really sells the entire scene. "Lieutenant. It's good to see you," Bill says dismissively. I don't often feel this sympathetic toward Apollo. He gets jerked around so, so much though.

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