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Resurrection Ship, Part II

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Helo and Chief are still in their cell in the Pegasus brig. The doors on the other side of the glass whoosh open, and Helo closes his eyes exhaustedly. "Looky here. The Sunshine boys are here." By "sunshine," he means "psychotic rapist," by the way. It's the guys who grossed out Cally with their rape talk, Vireem and Gage, and some armed Marine guys as backup. Gage bitches at them about how awesome Thorne was, and calls Chief and Helo "miserable fracks," and Helo demands to be called "sir." Gage obliges, and Vireem -- who you'd think would have figured this out like three episodes ago -- finally figures out why Helo and Chief were so into defending Boomer. He's gross. Right around "filthy little robot girl," which is the least offensive part of what he's saying, Tyrol makes a perfect James-Dean-with-a-migraine face, the one that's so sad and adrenalized, and jumps up: "I'm sorry. I don't think I quite heard that right...Why don't you open the door, come in, and we'll talk about it in here." He fronts at the end there so that they know he's being sarcastic and actually wants them to beat him up. Helo's actually a little surprised that, after everything -- the death sentence and temporary amnesty and all -- these guys are still boring and creepy and macho and crazy and caged enough to come in and do this. They come into the cell with a bunch of guns, and Tyrol and Helo both try to calm the situation down. As they're tying our guys' ankles together and turning them roughly around, Gage again starts with the "sir" stuff: "Don't worry, sir. We'll take it real slow, sir!"

Credits. Yeah. I don't know what it's a testament to, exactly, but for some reason I think it says something about this show that you assumed what you assumed right there. Maybe if you're watching like Oz or even SVU, you might not blink about a little trip to the analrapist every now and then, and it's not so much a selling point per se, but still. It's real. 49,604 souls in the Fleet, counting these assholes but plus Gina, Boomer, and six to eight robots what look like people.

Tyrol and Helo are strapped cruciform to their bunks, facing out. Vireem keeps pacing and creepily sniffing this bar of soap. Gage and Vireem explain that, per Thorne, the "gut" is a "vulnerable area," and that if you want to do damage without leaving a mark -- but still get your brutal homoerotic kicks -- you should wrap a bar of soap in a towel and then smack people with it. Inventive. Is it still called a "blanket party" if there's no blanket? They make weird sex faces and hit our guys a couple of times, and when Chief calls them cowards, Gage takes back his offer of going "slow." He's the one for whom rape comes in second to alcohol, by the way. They don't actually hit them very many times, but the camera goes so crazy and it's so ugly that it seems to go on forever. Finally, XO Fisk appears and calls Gage and Vireem out of the cell, "standing tall," and dresses them down based on the fact that our boys are wearing Colonial uniforms. Vireem starts to protest about how they killed Thorne, and Fisk cuts him right off: "'re both subject to charges of assaulting a chief and a lieutenant under cover of authority in a time of war. Which, if I'm not mistaken, carries a penalty on this ship that is quite severe." It's the first time you see Fisk sober and in charge, and he's quite commanding. This is good acting and good writing, getting to see this other side of him, when all we've seen before was his vulnerability and intense anxiety with Tigh. Fisk throws the Marines and Sunshines out, and answers our boys' thanks with a curt "I don't want your thanks. I owe Lieutenant Thorne my life, as do many people on this ship." Again with the disinterest in protestations, this time to Helo complaining that Thorne died while trying to rape a prisoner, and Fisk goes dead and cold: "You can't rape a machine, Lieutenant." He leaves, and Chief and Helo just stare at each other, hurting.

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