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The whole hope v. cancer thing is too much for Laura, so she nods curtly: "All right." She puts out a hand and Adama grabs it, neither of them consciously, to help her stand. He looks at her face, touches her chin, and they smile at each other. There's a really nice, sweet, real mixture here of Mary and Edward and Laura and Bill, and the respect they all have for one another and the incredibly powerful acting vibes they are sending out, and it hits you in the deeply nonverbal part of your brain that's usually reserved for the visual arts. I don't know how else to explain it. It's a deep feeling. Olmos leans forward, off-script, and kisses her lips, and she looks into his eyes and smiles. It's the most profoundly romantic thing this show has ever accomplished, because there's so much in it, so much admiration and love and respect and comfort and acceptance. Laura does the "hmm" again, and I'm sure at least part of it has to do with how Edward James Olmos is amazing and he will totally rewrite your scene as it's happening to make it more awesome and ambiguous, and he probably doesn't know most of the time that he's about to do it and where or how the genius will hit. It's so candid and weird and perfect and sad. Billy takes Laura's arm, and we see her supported by them both for a second -- fully supported; she looks like a strong breeze might carry her off -- and then Adama watches Billy lead her off to bed, his heart clearly breaking. Maybe the best song ever to play on this show starts up and he looks down at his Admiral buttons and he cries, turning back to look at the door she's just walked through. Wow.

Next week: I don't give a fuck what happens as long as Laura gets fixed. I mean it. They could fully meet magical beings from the future with googly eyes and eldritch potions, I wouldn't care, she and Lee could bond over having beat the Reaper and become weird kamikaze freaks with Starbuck and just do intentionally dangerous adrenaline-rush stuff all the time, she can find some kind of nanotech bracelet in the hallway that kills cancer as long as she wears it and then have a farce episode where Ellen Tigh gets drunk and runs off with it and they get it back at the last second, she can run into Gina in the hallway and get shot only in the cancer, she can turn out a Cylon, she can download into another body that looks like Laura, harvest Boomer's fetal stem cells, whatever it takes, I don't care, I don't care. She can just wake up and be like, "The cancer was only a dream!" and Bill can be taking a shower. Fuck story logic. I need Laura Roslin.

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