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Later, Starbuck watches Apollo pretending to be dead. She asks if he's okay, and the best he can muster is that he broke his word to her. Starbuck shushes him, and we see that Dualla's standing outside the officers' quarters listening in. "A close call like that," Starbuck tells him, "that would mess with anybody's head. All right? It turns out I didn't need you anyway. So...let's just be glad that we both came back alive, all right?" He tells her that he didn't want to, and she looks sad and sick, and we see the fickle Petty Officer Anastasia Dualla outside, looking horrified and distraught and just a tiny bit in love. I'll give Apollo a pass on the drama, because he did just actually die for a minute there, but the angsting about it might give me indigestion some episode soon.

Helo and Chief approach Boomer's cell. Chief stands back, and Helo steps up to the glass. Boomer rushes to meet him. They stare and smile, and Boomer goes nuts, laughing and weeping, so excited and relieved and exhausted: "I didn't think I'd ever see you again!" He smiles warmly and agrees, and they stare at each other, Chief in the background, totally ignored. "So," Boomer asks, "where do we go from here?" Chief, a class act all the way, gives a tiny sad smile and exits quietly. Wow.

On Colonial One, Billy looks on at Bill and Laura having a meeting. She's looking a bit better than last week, but she looks so tiny in her big club chair! Legs crossed primly at the knees. She is such a good actor that she seems to have actually shrunk a little, for this scene. Maybe it's just that she's so regal all the time that she seems to tower over everybody, and when she turns it off she gets tiny again. I will meet Mary McDonnell one day and then I will know if she is to scale. Here, though, she looks imminently frangible and it's very sad. She's asking how Gina got off the Pegasus undetected, and Adama notes the "chaos in the aftermath of the attack," which brings up the assassination. "Thank the Gods," breathes tiny, sick Laura, "you did not have to do what I advised. That makes me very happy." He agrees that the Gods should be thanked, and then changes the subject immediately, because she's just helped him lie to her that Gina killed Cain before Adama could get to her, instead of calling it off for mysterious Adama-type reasons. He asks how she's feeling, and Roslin says that she could sleep for about a year. "You, however, do not have that luxury, because you have a new job." Billy hands her a jewelry box, mentioning that it took some time to track down the guy specifically. "Rumor has it that I know very little about military protocol," she grins, "but I do believe that someone who commands more than one ship is called an Admiral." She giggles and shrugs cutely, and congratulates "Admiral Adama," handing him the box, which contains the Admiral insignia. She smiles over at Billy, so proud, as Bill opens it and thanks them both quite graciously. " never gave up hope. I just stopped trying to get these a long time ago." She smiles and says it just goes to show that you should never give up hope, and calls him Bill. "Same goes for you, Laura." She gives that soft sigh that gets me every time, the "hmm" that always sounds like she's about to faint or like she just saw something incredibly beautiful and might cry. I hate it.

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