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Resurrection Ship, Part II

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There is a whirling shot of space and then Lee's eyeball, staring like this is Lost. Even pretend-dead, Apollo is crazy good-looking. I have no idea what that shot was about...

...except we cut immediately to Cain's funeral in the Pegasus bay, so maybe we're supposed to think Apollo really did die or something. Or maybe the layers are just getting confusing: they both wanted to die and have it not be their fault, just like Gina, and they were both chronically bothered by Laura and Bill's sneaky bending the rules all the time, and they both kind of wanted to bone Starbuck. And for that matter, they're both contributing factors to Kara's own freakout: if her concept of Truth and Justice has died, and her concept of Hardcore Survival has literally just died, she has no options but to go crazy. Just like Apollo.

Fisk: "...And she died knowing that her ship and her crew were safe and that her mission had been accomplished. Nothing was more important to her than her ship, her crew, and her mission. And as I take command of Pegasus, I pledge to uphold those values that made her such an effective and heroic leader." All true, technically. It kind of bums me out how true that is, like this battle was this huge symbol to Cain that she could relax and become human again. Fisk steps down, and he and Starbuck trade places so that she can speak. Things get weird: "I, um, only knew Admiral Cain for a short time, so what I have to say about her will be short. She faced things. She looked them right in the eye and she didn't flinch. That's something that we do a lot around here. We second-guess. We worry." She stares at nothing. "When I think about what she went through after the attack -- all alone, one ship, no help, no hope -- she didn't give up." I don't know if this is literal, like Starbuck honestly doesn't know about what happened to the Pegasus's civilian fleet, but a case could be made that she's just projecting all the Galactica stuff onto what the Pegasus crew went through. In military terms, after all, it was still only one Battlestar. I'm not sure that's true, but I'd prefer to think so, because Apollo has just demonstrated how badly one might react when faced with ugly truths about one's fake mommy, and I think Kara's about to go crazy enough without the added stress, frankly. "She didn't worry. She didn't second-guess. She acted. She did what she thought needed to be done, and the Pegasus survived." Profiles of Lee, Tigh, Bill, at attention, no reaction. "Might be hard to admit, or hard to hear, but I think that we were safer with her...than we are without." This, I totally get, because it's true. In terms of Kara's logic, that is completely true. Cain was a good military leader and she kept people alive in very bad circumstances. By doing horrible, dreadful things, true, but she's demonstrated that these things were not done in a cavalier manner, and a lot of her attitudes were stuff Kara's often found lacking in her Galactica COs. There's a shot of Bill, though, and it's backwards for symbolic reasons, as we see fading back into Starbuck's profile facing his like the two-faces v. vase picture. Oh, dear. Well, I guess he kind of asked for it when he ordered her to kill Cain, but boy.

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