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Resurrection Ship, Part II

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Cain stretches some more in her quarters, like her whole body is breaking now that it's allowed to. I wonder if that's not actually true, like if she's suddenly needing six months' worth of massage now that the battle's over and Galactica helped her kill the white whale. I think that's at least part of the reason she called off the hit: because Galactica not only proved herself useful for something more than spare parts and rape victims, but because with the trailer Fleet off their asses, she's allowed to think, and not just react, for the first time. I think that might be part of it, because there's a long shot of her unbuckling her weapon and placing it on a glass table, up through which we are looking, so that we can't help thinking about how unarmed she is. She starts to strip down and sees Gina, standing near a door, looking nuts. "Tell me, Admiral. Can you roll over? Beg?" Gina's still so weak, you can see it in her shaking hands, and her posture. There have been lots of questions and speculation about Cain's relationship to Gina, why she was so personally invested and simultaneously hands-off with Gina's torture, the whole "you ate our food and listened to our stories" thing, ranging from the idea that they were friends to the idea that they were lovers. I think it's somewhere in there, because at this moment, for a second, she just looks like her feelings are hurt. "Frack you," she spits, and Gina raises the gun. Cain is so scared, and so angry, and defiant, and strong, and sad, and doesn't seem to believe that this is actually how it's going to go down. "You're not my type," says Gina, and while it's a lame and distracting line, it's lame and distracting in a very Six way. Cain breathes in once, sharply, her eyes full of tears -- but she is absolutely not giving in, and that's so rough considering that she's finally getting to rest for the first time since the Big One, and all of a sudden she has to be indomitable again for a second. Gina shoots Cain, and I am...really quite sad. I'm a sucker for will power, and this lady had it in spades. She just kept making more and more sense and seeming less and less crazy -- even as her ship went to shit around her, and I recognize that -- and more and, the Emperor Norton story, how his madness kept him sane. I think that's who she was. I'm going to miss her. I don't know that she was beyond saving, after all. But like I said, the last thing Kara and Apollo need right now is more bullshit guilt and craziness, and there's something poetic to Gina doing the deed.

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