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Tigh steps down the alert to condition two and issues some orders. He and Fisk agree that it's a good thing they didn't need the Pegasus Marines. He's not sweating bullets, but we manage to understand that he's anxious. Dualla receives a call from Cain, on "the flagship." Cain and Adama congratulate each other, and it's almost a relief for a second, because they do sound fairly cordial and not like people about to signal each other's assassinations. The music gets more and more intense as Adama asks for Starbuck, and Fisk gets even jumpier. "Yes, she is [here]," replies Cain, looking Starbuck right in the eye. Starbuck smiles weakly and answers the phone, not taking her eye off Cain. "I've been thinking," says Adama, "about what we talked about before." She fingers her gun, and she and Cain continue to look at each other. It's quiet behind Cain's eyes, but she's clearly waiting for something. "It's not enough to survive," says Adama. "One has to be worthy of surviving. That's all." The drums stop; Starbuck takes her hand off her gun: "I think that's very wise, sir. Thank you." Her smile becomes more real, and Cain considers her for a moment before taking back the phone. She smiles a little bit, shaking her head slightly. It's almost a smirk, but the kind of smirk you give when you can't believe what somebody just did. Off the hook, Starbuck turns away and kind of mentally leans against a wall like she might faint. Cain asks whether Fisk is "standing close by." Fisk's eyes bug out as Adama hands him the phone. "Congratulations, Jack," says Cain. He thanks her, and we sit still for a million years of silence, as Cain thinks it out. "...That's all." Cain hangs up and nearly gets pissed at herself. Fisk hangs up and nearly pisses himself. Tigh looks at Fisk -- now sweating, but not anything so impressive as Kara -- and says he looks like he could use a drink. Fisk laughs and laughs, that same hyena crazy laugh from before, hysterical and terrified and adrenalized, and Adama just smiles at him, sadly, because Adama knows everything before it happens.

Gaius signals to a guard to let him out of Gina's cell, and then distracts him long enough for Gina to attack -- somehow moving really fast but in slow motion too -- and she flips the Marine and snaps his neck. One down, sweetheart; ca. 1,296 to go. Godspeed. She takes the guy's gun and hands it to Gaius, holding it to her jaw. That strange New Age music from "Pegasus" happens as Gaius protests a bunch. Gina explains that suicide is a sin, but that she needs to die -- I guess the unspoken assumption is that God hates Gaius either way, so it's no skin off his nose to kill her. "What you justice," he tells her, and puts the gun into her hand. Is it so terrible that I cheered at this? It's not even her going after Cain, or being loose on the Pegasus, or that Gaius is setting her free -- maybe it's just the cheesy-yet-awesome line, or the fact that "justice" could mean a whole lot more of these fuckers than just Cain. If Pegasus is joining the Fleet anyway, how cool would it be to have an ongoing storyline where officers just randomly show up dead for a few episodes? Or like they could be pedeconferencing about this and that, or practicing their marching, and one could just disappear into the rafters every once and while, schlooop, and finally they would start noticing, like, "Hey, where did Gage go? He was just here! I'm thirsty." Anyway, Gina's got the gun, and she's looking pretty scared and pretty disgusted at the idea. I wonder how much of that is just her being used to her cell -- like, the fact that she's not actually going to die right this second presents a whole other set of problems. Gaius says he knows a place he can keep Gina and take care of her, where she'll be safe. "Why?" she asks. "Why would you do that?" He says it's because he loves her, and then gets shy and smiles at the floor. She touches his face, and then -- more Sixy than she's been at any point -- Sixes around him, 360 degrees around his body at a distance of less than an inch, like a snake, then staggers out into the hallway and disappears. Gaius...basically freaks out about how he just did that. And yeah. I mean, I think Six, Gina, and Boomer -- especially Boomer -- have a legitimate point to make; I'm not unsympathetic to a lot of their views, but dude, Gaius: you totally just took a deranged prisoner of war with a death wish and an all-out extermination agenda, put a gun in her hand, and kissed her goodbye. Bad form.

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