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Resurrection Ship, Part II

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Okay, seriously, every week. How do they do this? I mean, "Final Cut" wasn't that bad -- I liked it a lot, actually, and it's still better than most things you can see on the TV. If you continually reset the bar for yourself...I don't know what happens. I guess there's always room for improvement, but I don't understand how this show keeps getting better and better. Like next week. The only way next week could suck is if they kill Roslin, which is totally unlikely, and would in fact be so awful that it might turn around to good again. I don't's just nice. It's nice to love something that is very, very excellent.

We open on Apollo, floating in an open lake with cliffs in the distance. You thought that maybe the cliffhanger would enter into this, didn't you? The whole thing where half of the cast is about to kill the other half? You were wrong. However, if the idea of a mostly naked Lee Adama floating around works for you, you're in luck, because that's half the episode right there. He stares up, and there's that zooming bomb Doppler sound coming out of the somewhat cloudy sky, and something plunging down from out of the sun, which then swerves at the last second to become a Raider in the middle of the assault on the Resurrection Ship. It's a very tricky little shot taking us from a nearly silent, calm, and sunlit place to a pitched battle in the middle of black space. Nice and jarring. We come back around on Apollo in his Viper suit, strapped into the Blackbird seat, having obviously ejected, watching the huge fight going on between the Vipers and Raiders and the Battlestars and the Basestars.

Jump back forty-eight hours, with Apollo and Starbuck discussing her planned (and seemingly suicidal) assassination of Admiral Cain. "They say shoot," she justifies, "We shoot." Apollo has trepidation to spare, and Starbuck's almost irritated that he's bringing her down out of the necessary military hoo-wah zone she needs to be in right now. "I could use some backup. I'll understand if you can't," she says, and you have to give her points for not sounding half as snitty as she could have. Apollo chides her that she knows better, and yeah, she knows he's got her back: "People have to have this, Kara. Trust. Your word and my word." Her eyes track his face. Maybe she's looking for the anvils, considering that this line works a lot better in context than it would if Apollo wasn't about to have a whole crisis of faith and trust, and Adama wasn't about to have a whole epiphany about the difference between Us and Them. "We don't have this, then we really are no different than the Cylons," Apollo adds. He turns away, bummed but resigned to saving Starbuck's crazy ass yet again, in the middle of the Pegasus and its whole armed and hair-trigger crew, after she shoots their captain. She grabs him awkwardly and they embrace like adolescents about to head into the fray. It's devastating. One of the things that doesn't really hit you right away about this is how totally about to die they both are.

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