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True Chromance
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Previously: Boomer shot Adama, and Baltar shot Crashdown. The Prez and Apollo got off relatively lightly, all things considered.

We open on a sweaty Tyrol, who's under guard in one of their generic rooms. I guess they all missed him so much that they wanted to put him somewhere really safe, so they wouldn't lose him again. That's sweet. Tigh glares at him scruffily and finally asks how long Tyrol knew that Boomer was planning to assassinate Adama. Tyrol says he had no idea what she was up to. Tigh grunts, "You were frackin' her," and pulls out his flask for a booster shot. Tyrol says that he ended the relationship with Boomer on Tigh's orders. Tyrol, maybe this isn't the best time to lie. Tyrol admits that he had bad judgment, which is sort of a given at this point. Tigh accuses Tyrol of protecting Boomer. Tyrol snaps that he didn't know Boomer was a Cylon. He actually meets Tigh's beady little eyes for a minute before he looks down and says, "I'd like to exercise my Article 21 rights at this time." Tigh chuckles, "I'm sure you would," and points out that Cylons don't have rights. It's only at this point that Tyrol realizes exactly how much trouble he's in, as he insists that he's not a Cylon. Tigh gloats about the execution method the Prez came up with. Tyrol shouts, "My father was a priest! My mother was an oracle! I've served on battlestars since I was eighteen years old. The Pegasus, Columbia, Atlantia, Galactica--" Tigh slugs Tyrol, knocking him to the floor, and shouts, "Don't talk to me like you're a soldier!" On the floor, Tyrol moans, I think because he landed on his wounded arm. Tigh says that since Adama had a soft spot for Tyrol, Adama can decide what to do with him. Ooh, he's learning how to delegate! From the floor, Tyrol gasps that he'd never hurt Adama: "I love the Old Man." Tigh sniffs that Boomer said the same thing, and tells the guards, "Get him the hell out of here!" before exiting. A drop of blood trickles down Tyrol's cheek and splashes to the floor in slo-mo. Meh.

As he stomps down a corridor, Tigh tosses away his flask. Hey, you're gonna want that later. Sure enough, Tigh stops and goes back to retrieve it.

Brig. Guards haul Tyrol in and toss him into Boomer's cell. Well, at least it's fairly spacious. Boomer sniffles, "I thought you were on Kobol." She moves toward Tyrol and lifts her hands up to touch him. Tyrol grabs her manacled arms and grrs, "Don't you talk to me. Don't come near me." He says that if she does, he'll kill her. Then she shoves her away, and she collapses to the floor, crying. I think crying is Boomer's special Cylon skill. Tyrol backs away into a corner, as far from Boomer as he can get.

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