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Admiral Cain, She Dead
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Previously, Lee hated Helo for cuddling with Boomer, and then Helo and Chief fought about it, but Boomer calmed Helo down. Chief made the Blackbird Laura from scratch, and Starbuck thought she was so damn cute scaring Apollo by going off-dradis.

We open on the alert alarm sound, and see an unknown ship on dradis. Gaeta and Tigh are on CIC, sending everyone to action stations. "This is not a drill," Gaeta says, and that's always good. They communicate the situation to Adama, in his quarters.

"Looks like you picked a hell of a day for a visit," Adama tells the President. Tigh informs them that the size of the unknown ship would seem to indicate that it's a basestar. Adama calls for an emergency jump, and he and Roslin book it to CIC.

While Apollo radios in that he and Kat are headed for the putative basestar, and Dualla gives him an ETA on backup Vipers as Adama enters. He asks for the "sitrep" for about the fifteenth time. Somebody likes the word as much as I do. Gaeta tells us that the basestar as launched putative Raiders in response to the Alert Vipers. Tigh informs Roslin rather respectfully that their emergency jump is set for two minutes. Speaks highly that the entire Fleet can get their jump together so fast. I mean, I know it's the whole point of the Fleet, bust ass all over the place, but still. Gaeta is confused by the fact that he's picking up Colonial transponders, which excites Roslin. Tigh, of course, takes the half-empty on that, saying that it's now to the point where they're "using [Galactica's] own signals against [it]." Adama, with some hope in him, duallas for a hold on weapons and the jump, and Tigh looks at him like he's nuts. Roslin's intrigued. Adama gaetas for a ship-to-ship communication, starting with "hostile challenge and ID." Because, as usual, he's willing to believe the impossible. Which is, after all, why anybody ever lives on this show. It is at this point that music -- weird music -- starts. I think I like it, or at least don't hate it, but it's very unsettling.

At a range of 1700 somethings, Dualla hails the ship. Their XO, Fisk, comes over the radio: "This is the battleship Pegasus to the ship claiming to be Galactica. Please respond." Tigh's first word was NO, of course, so he explains that the entire Fleet was destroyed back in the miniseries. Like everybody's going to go, "Good point!" Dualla, at Adama's request, authenticates some recognition codes, and we hear the voice of Admiral Nelena Cain: "Adama, is that you?" He recognizes the voice and the weird music gets crazier. I don't know if they'll talk about this in Part II, but just to put your mind at ease: yes, Cain is very young for an Admiral, but was a real rising star in the Colonial Fleet -- I'm guessing of the hugely leapfrogging, ambitious, slightly grey type, not that a woman ever needs to be a snake to succeed. And yes, Cain's been Adama's boss before, technically, because she was promoted to Admiral in command of Battlestar Group 75 before the massacre. So they know each other and Adama thinks of her as an authority. And finally, nobody can be blamed for not knowing that Michelle Forbes always means bad news, because that's what she rocks at.

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