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The Part That Stays Free
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Spotlight on the Cylons, images of them acting creepy as we learn that they evolved, there are many copies, and they have a plan. Previously, Leoben was scary and cultish, and was very obsessed with Starbuck. Lee was promoted to the command of the Pegasus, with Dualla as his XO. A new planet was found and named New Caprica, and its settlement was the platform that won Gaius Baltar the Presidency of the Colonies, because everybody was awfully tired. Colonel Saul Tigh and his wife Ellen loved each other very much, but in a way that was fracked. Duck and Nora loved each other in a way we don't know about at all, and then she died. After a year of the settlement on New Caprica, the Cylons were summoned by Gina's last middle finger, and Lee talked his father Bill into taking the remains of the Fleet out of orbit. Baltar surrendered the planet to the Cylons, and humanity became inmates in a concentration camp as big as the world, and Leoben came and found Kara.

Tigh sits in a jail cell, curled and skinny, scrabbling with his hands and fingers. Ellen kind of graphically bones a mystery man, her hands on his chest. Laura Roslin lights a candle with her hands, praying for salvation. Chief Galen Tyrol builds a bomb with his hands. Bill Adama plays out war scenarios on the model table, moving Vipers and Basestars with his hands. And in a strange apartment, Kara fights another battle, arranging plates and forks for dinner. Placing them exactly. Saul's hands scratch out a calendar mark on his cell wall. His eye is gone. He scuttles like a spider. The man Ellen's fucking rises and falls; his face is on the other side of a giant brandy snifter. Her face is infinitely tired and sad. Roslin prays, with all the grace and strength she can muster. Adama slides a ship into position; dashes all the tiny ships across space in frustration. The poundy drums come in as Chief and Anders affix their bomb upon a wall. Kara sits and raises a fork before her eyes; one tine goes ting. Everything is perfect.

The door of Tigh's cell creaks and Saul cowers against the wall, to cover his calendar. Brother Cavil enters, sits astride a chair, puts on mirrorshades, clears his throat, and laughs at him. "Do you know that every time they take you out of this cell we come in here and we change those little hash marks? On your little calendar there, that you're trying to hide?" Tigh's face is reflected back in the glasses. What's left of it. He smells like shit and torture. Somewhere Cavil is fucking his wife, getting off on her hatred. He smiles down at Tigh, who is small.

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Battlestar Galactica




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