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The Chrome Scare
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Previously: Helo learned that breakfast is the most dangerous meal of the day; Leisure Suit Larry was left at the Ragnar weapons depot.

Galactica. The PA of exposition informs us that the Scorpia Traveler has just docked with the Galactica, and that civilians are expected to go through security checkpoints. The camera roams through some corridors, and we see a line of civilians giving paperwork to armed soldiers. The camera moves around so that we only see the next visitor's back as he flashes a passport-ish book at the soldier. We follow this mysterious visitor as he moves down the corridor. The fact that half of the "previously"s involved Leisure Suit Larry makes me think this just might be he.

Elsewhere, Tyrol approaches Cally and asks, "All clear?" She says, "I've got your back, Chief." Tyrol enters the doorway Cally seems to be guarding.

Inside, Tyrol seals the hatch as Boomer greets him. They appear to be meeting in a water-tank room. Or something. I don't know, but it looks there's a small swimming pool in there, and it's probably not really a swimming pool, y'know? Maybe it's a hot tub. After a long hug, Tyrol asks Boomer if anyone saw her. She says no, adding, "I came through the hatch coaming on 'C' causeway." Plot point! While they kiss, I have a question about the way they refer to the "hatch coaming" throughout this episode. Everything I looked up indicated that the coaming is a kind of splash-guard (or flood-guard) around the hatch. So on a spaceship, I guess they're there to keep outer space from leaking in. That's just a joke, please don't yell at me. Sure, you want some kind of vacuum seals around the doors, but it seems as though claiming to "enter through the hatch coaming" or "close the hatch coaming" makes about as much sense as saying that you opened the door frame. I couldn't find any indication that this is special nautical-talk, either. If it is, I'm sure I'll get email about it.

The mysterious visitor continues to follow the line of less mysterious visitors through the corridors. Then he suddenly turns down an empty hallway. Right here is where they lost me. The big investigation looks pretty dumb when you see that Galactica's security system depends on people's being sheep-like and following the guy in front of them.

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